Best Free Ad Blocker For Chrome, Android And iOS

Best Ad blockers: Are you disappointed with the ads floating around you on the web? Then, here we got the solution to this issue. Ad blockers: Ad blockers are the programs which are specially designed to block the ads while surfing the internet. To make it as simple, we are going to see the list of “best Ad blocker” which allows the user to surf the web by blocking ads around the site.

What Is Mean By Pop-Up Ads?

Ads are nothing but Advertisements. They are usually used to advertise their company or Product to reach the people through Media to introduce their brand to the market. But, Pop-up Ads are different. These Ads only appears on the Internet and suddenly opens a new tab to increase their Web traffic. It is otherwise known as Online Advertising.

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Advantages of Pop-up Ads: –

If you’re a marketer or running a small group company, Pop-up Ads are the perfect opportunity to grab the customers. Let us we see, Some of the Advantages.

  • Pop-up Ads will help you to grow your business in less time with more profit.
  • Pop-up Ads are the excellent source of traffic (Advertisers).
Androidstrike will not be responsible for any problem caused by Ad blockers on your device. Download and Install Best Ad Blockers At your own risk. Ad blockers may damage the loading time and blocks the functionality of websites.

Before moving on to the Ad blockers list. I recommend you to choose any one of the apps from the list which is given below.

Best Ad Blocker Apps: –

#1. Ad Block Plus: –

Ad Block Plus is the Powerful and most advanced software to block ads on a website. This software(APK) for Android is no longer available on Play Store. But, The Company with its team still offering their new releases through their website. (Download Ad Blocker Plus Latest Version) now. Ad Block Plus helps the user by blocking Ads to get rid of spam and pop-up ads. Interestingly, It’s available for more than 2+ Platforms (Android, Chrome, Firefox as well as Windows).

Features of Ad Block Plus: –

  •  Ad-free software or extension.
  • Available for free and no need to worry about money.
  • Ranked No.1 For blocking Ads around the browser.
  • Gives a lot more protection.

#2. AdGuard (Free Version): –

AdGuard is another way to block Ads on your device without installing any third-party software and browsers. Everyone uses the internet for shopping, Paying bills and other works. But, Unwanted Ads makes us angry. So, AdGuard helps you with malicious link and phishing websites. So, Hackers and Bots cannot track or follow us. It protects us through creating a little firewall around device even its smartphone or browser. You can customize your settings if you’re willing to see some ads from the website or developer.

Features of AdGuard: –

  • Platforms (Windows, Android, Mac).  Browsers (Chrome and Firefox).
  • Excellent User interface with one-click enabled protection.
  • The significant disadvantage is, It will spend more data. So that you will be not able to surf as much faster

#3. No Root Ad-Remover Lite: – (Free Version)

As the name itself results that you should not need to root your Android mobile to block the ads, No Root Ad-Remover Lite helps you to secure from Pop-up ads and display ads. It not only helps you from blocking Ads on the browser, but It also works on Android Apps, Games which contains Advertisements. Ad-Remover has two variant of APK’s (Lite and Pro). The Lite version will display some custom Ads while running it’s App. The Pro Version costs around $4 which were Ad-free.

#4. Trust Go Ad Detector: – (Free Version)

Trust Go Ad blocker is the simple, fresh Android APK to safeguard your Personal information from hackers and phishing attacks or through ads which send information about your phone and leaks all over your Data like photos, videos through online syncing. In this case, Trust Go Ad Detector will help you, and It scans your Android device twice a day to protect from Policy violations. This Application is another type of Ad Blocker.

How To Install Ad Blockers On Chrome and Firefox?

As of now, I have finished listing the Best Ad Blocker Apps for Android with Download links. But, In this part, I am going to instruct you “How to Install Ad Blockers on Chrome and Firefox” in a natural way. We have already seen the top ad blockers.

To Protect your browser from unwanted Adware and malicious attacks. You need to install some extensions on your browser to aware of those problems. I will share some of the useful and rated Extensions with step-by-step Guide.

Best Ad Blocker Extensions For Chrome/Firefox browsers: –

  1. Superblock Ad Blocker.
  2. AdGuard Adblocker
  3. Fair Adblocker (by Stands)

Best Ad blocker for Chrome:

How To Block A Website in Chrome?

Some of the websites are having too many unwanted and harmful ads. They can steal your data. If you want to keep your data/Personal files and folders safe, You need to download the extension for Chrome called Block Site. You even can block a website using an Extension Installing on your Chrome browser.

Block site extension is available for Firefox Browser to block the Ads and to keep you safe.

Best Ad blocker for Android:

How To Block A Website on Android?

If you’re an Android user, Still, You’re urged to block a website which troubles you always on search results. I always Recommend choosing a safe browser. The safe browser is the top-rated App which is having good feedback from the customers. Safe browser filters the web and blocks the site which is affected by Virus, vulnerability, Gambling sites and much more.

Best Ad blocker for Chrome: –

Guide To Install Ad Blocker On Chrome: –

  1. Open Google Chrome browser and You will see the three vertical dots on the top right menu. Click on that and Go to Settings >> Click On Extensions Tab.
Google Chrome Settings To Install Extensions
Settings >> Extensions

2. Scroll Down and Click on Get More Extensions and search your favorite Adblocker on the search bar as shown in the image below.

How to Install extensions on chrome

Follow the same Process to Install Ad Blockers on Firefox Browser or any other alternative of chrome.

Conclusion: –

I hope you liked this article. Share this article and let your friends and relatives know about “Best Ad Blockers – To block Ads immediately on their devices according to Platform. Keep Visiting for more Tech Updates and Tricks

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