20 Best Android Apps for Students and Learning

In today’s fast-paced world, staying ahead in academics and acquiring new skills is essential for students. With the help of smartphones and Android apps, learning has become more accessible and convenient. This article takes you through the best Android apps for students to help them achieve academic success in various subjects, improve their productivity, and enhance their learning experience. Read on to discover these helpful apps and make your learning process more efficient.

20 Best Android Apps for Students:

Android Apps for Math:

Mathematics can be a tricky subject for many students. However, with the right tools and guidance, conquering mathematical problems can become more manageable. The following Android apps provide essential lessons, calculators, and practice materials for students of all levels:

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  • Photomath – With both a camera mode and a manual input option, Photomath helps students solve math problems step by step. The app covers arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and more.
  • WolframAlpha – A comprehensive computational knowledge engine, WolframAlpha allows students to explore various math concepts and solve problems efficiently.
  • Mathway – With instant solutions and step-by-step explanations, Mathway helps students navigate through both basic and advanced mathematical problems.
  • MyScript Calculator 2 – This app allows users to write math equations with their fingertips, making it easier to input complex expressions and symbols.

Android Apps for Science

Whether you’re tackling chemistry, physics, or biology, there are Android apps designed to help students understand complex science concepts and engage in interactive learning. Here are some top science-focused apps:

  • CK-12 – This app offers a wealth of resources in various science subjects, including personalized learning plans and interactive simulations.
  • Science Journal by Google – By turning your phone into a laboratory, this app allows students to conduct experiments, take notes, and collect real-world data using sensors.
  • Periodic Table 2021 – Featuring information about chemical elements, their properties, and periodic trends, this app is a must-have for chemistry enthusiasts.
  • Physics Formulas Free – This app provides an extensive collection of physics formulas and equations, making it an excellent reference tool for students.

Android Apps for Language Learning

Learning new languages can be both fun and beneficial for personal and professional growth. To assist students in mastering foreign languages, here are some top Android appsfor language learning:

  • Duolingo – With a gamified approach, Duolingo offers bite-sized lessons and daily goals to make language learning fun and engaging.
  • Mondly – Featuring interactive lessons, conversations, and quizzes, Mondly helps learners improve their pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary in various languages.
  • Memrise – By using spaced repetition, mnemonics, and other techniques, Memrise enables learners to memorize new words and phrases in a fun and interactive way.
  • Busuu – Busuu offers comprehensive language courses, quizzes, and flashcards, along with feedback from native speakers through its social feature.

Android Apps for Productivity

Staying organized and managing time effectively is crucial for academic success. Here are some top Android apps that can help students improve their productivity:

  • Evernote – A versatile note-taking app, Evernote allows users to create notes, set reminders, and organize information, making it easier to keep track of assignments and study materials.
  • Google Keep – With a minimalist design, Google Keep enables users to take quick notes, create to-do lists, and set reminders, all of which can be synced across devices.
  • Forest – This app helps users stay focused by using a virtual tree-growing game. Users plant a tree when starting a task, and if they leave the app before finishing the task, the tree dies. This provides motivation to stay focused on the task at hand.
  • Todoist – Todoist helps users manage tasks and track their progress through a simple, easy-to-use interface.

Android Apps for General Learning

For students who are curious about a wide range of subjects or wish to enhance their general knowledge, several Android apps offer educational content, courses, and news. Some top general learning apps include:

  • Khan Academy – With its extensive library of lessons, videos, and quizzes, Khan Academy covers subjects such as math, science, history, and more, catering to students of various age groups and skill levels.
  • Udemy – Offering over 100,000 online courses, Udemy allows students to learn new skills, pursue hobbies, and boost their career prospects. The app features both free and paid courses, with topics ranging from programming to painting.
  • Google Arts & Culture – This app enables users to explore art, history, and culture by taking virtual tours of museums and cultural institutions from around the world.
  • TED – Get inspired with thought-provoking TED Talks from experts in various domains, including technology, business, science, and more.


  1. Which is the best Android app for solving math problems quickly?
    Photomath is a popular app for solving math problems quickly, as it allows users to scan printed or handwritten problems and receive instant solutions.
  2. Is Duolingo completely free to use for language learning?
    While Duolingo offers free access to its language learning resources, there is also a premium subscription called Duolingo Plus, which provides an ad-free experience, offline lessons, and other benefits.
  3. How can I use my Android phone for scientific experiments?
    Apps like Science Journal by Google enable users to conduct experiments, collect real-world data, and take notes using their Android phone’s sensors and features.
  4. What are some apps to help me stay focused while studying?
    Forest is an app designed to help users stay focused on tasks by using a virtual tree-growing game that provides motivation to stay on task. Alternatively, you can use productivity apps like Todoist to create study schedules and prioritize assignments.
  5. Can I learn programming on my Android device?
    Yes, you can learn programming skills through Android apps like Udemy, which offers a wide range of courses, including programming and coding languages such as Python, Java, JavaScript, and more.

In conclusion, the vast array of Android apps for students and learning provides endless possibilities for academic growth and success. From mastering math and science concepts to learning new languages and staying organized, these apps cater to diverse needs and empower students to take control of their educational journey. Make the most of these valuable resources and start exploring new ways to learn and develop your skills.

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