6 Best App Launcher For Android

Best Android Launcher apps:

Android is the most widely used user-friendly platform liked by the millions of people around the world. Android is the Linux-based platform, and it is pretty convenient for the newbie smartphone users. As we all know, It is the customizable operating system we can do whatever we need at the time by installing some apps or changing the ROM. But, The interface and design look similar to other’s Android device. To make it easier and unique from other, We have handpicked some of the best Android Launcher apps which can help to customize the Android device as per the owner’s desire.

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FAQ’s: –

Does installing Android launchers will erase the data on the phone?

No, The launcher is Pre-developed app. thus, You can easily customize your Android smartphone without losing system files and settings.

What is the use of App Launcher?

You can customize and render your smartphone by editing:

  • Icons
  • Animations and Transitions
  • Dock-style
  • Desktop grid as well as lis

One of the biggest dreams of the Android users is to make their Android phone look like iOS device.

6 Best Android Launcher As: –

#1. Google Now:

Google Now Launcher
Google Now Launcher
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Google Now is a virtual assistant developed by Google. It is a Stable app comes with every Android smartphone with Voice commands assists and clear window-bars. According to us, It is simple and classic launcher with attractive design supports Android 4.0 above version. Google Now is available for both Android and iOS Platform. Unlike others, if you feel better about it.

#2. Go Launcher:

GO Launcher: Thema&Wallpaper
GO Launcher: Thema&Wallpaper
Developer: go live llc
Price: Free

Go Launcher is another recommended launcher app for Smartphone lovers. They Provide more themes, Icons, Customization options and beautiful User Interface. We are sure that you would get confused with the themes they provide. Additionally, The app has both Free and Paid versions.

  • Free Version- With Ads
  • Paid version- No Ads

Go Launcher gives other Plugins and Widgets for Further support.

#3. Launcher Lab:

Launcher Lab - DIY Themes
Launcher Lab - DIY Themes
Developer: X Apps Team
Price: Free

Lab Launcher is one of the most broadly used apps of the year 2018. It comes with separate editing components such as wallpapers, Widgets, Texts, Icons, time, weather. Meanwhile, you do not need any theme from their directory. Don’t worry about that; You can download from other theme store and install it using Lab Launcher Ultimate.

#4.Nova Launcher:

Nova Launcher
Nova Launcher
Developer: Nova Launcher
Price: Free

Nova Launcher is a sticky launcher app which provides instant Performance to the phone. It replaces your standard Home screen with your chosen Nova customized Screen.

#5. Zen UI:

Zen UI is another excellent launcher by Asus.Inc, It is opposite to the Nova app. Because the launcher comes with custom APP LOCK and some, scroll effects. Obviously, It will be the all in all application. For example, If anyone tries to unlock your files and folders. It will lock immediately. Thus, it makes your phone safer.

#6. Action Launcher:

Action Launcher
Action Launcher
Developer: Action Launcher
Price: Free

Action Launcher is quite enough popular launcher over the Android market. It gives the premium Android oreo interface. You can install themes additionally to change the overall look of your Android device. To make your life simpler, you can use the widgets and other top features which comes with the Action Launcher. The Icon pack inside the launcher package lets you modify the Icons design of the apps. HD wallpapers give you the bonus attractiveness so that your Phone looks unique. Experience now on your Android device and let us know.

Wrapping up:

So, In this way, we can change the design and Interface of our Android phone. I know, how simple it is, So, Do try any one of your favorite launcher on your Android device and turn your primary Interface to Attractive one.

We hope you loved the article on best Android launcher apps. If yes, Share this article with your friends. Leave the comment below if we have missed any of the favorite Launcher.

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