7 Best Android Smartphones Of 2018

Are You tired of choosing best Android Phone? Then, You should read this article to pick the best Android Smartphone of 2018. There is a big battle running, between Android and iOS. As per the statistics, Apple has lost 38% of the sales as well as revenue in the smartphone market. Also, You can question yourself “Why Apple company has lost their satisfied customers?”

Reason: – Apple iPhone costs more than the Android smartphones. While moving on to the Price comparison. Apple will afford fewer features at the high price. But, Android phones will provide more features at less price. Because Android OS is used by various companies and Apple is the only company which uses iOS operating system.

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Why choose Android Phone?

Android is the multi-user interface Mobile Operating System and Combination of Linux + Kernal version.

  • Android phones can be used easily. Because of a user-friendly OS.
  • Smartphones will be available at low cost and best-featured Phones available under 15000.RS
  • 1+ million apps with verified ratings.
  • Android OS is owned by Google.

7 Best Android Phone of 2018: –

best Android phone under $500

2017 Best Smartphones: –

In this session, I will list the top 5 best smartphones of Android with price, features, and Link to purchase immediately. So, That you can choose best among the top five. Let’s begin.

Google’s Android Operating system gives the user a vast experience. In the present era, Even Mobile also comes with 4GB of DDR4 RAM with High-End Display. 40% of the smartphones released with the 4k screen. So, The user like you can enjoy unlimited movies with High-Quality videos. Here are the Best Video Player For Android To Play HD Videos 

Features That You Need Before Going To Buy Android Phone of 2017: -(Checklist)

  • RAM: Above 2GB
  • Processor: From Quad Core – Octa Core
  • Display: 5 – 5.5 Inch with Full HD.
  • Camera: – At least 16MP rear and Above 5MP for front facing Camera.
  • FingerPrint Sensor: – To secure your smartphone from strangers
  • Battery Backup: – To Stay Connected With your Smartphone Longer (Above 3000mAh).
  • Price: – In India, (RS.7,000 – 20,000). In USA – $100-$300
  • Design: – Phone should be look unique with perfect design.
  • Sim Slot Type: – Micro or Nano SIM with 4G enabled service.

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1. Lenovo Z2 Plus: –

After the massive release of Lenovo Zuk Z1 Plus. The company has launched their new flagship mobile Z2 Plus in the competitive market. But, In this variant, the price varies for 32GB and 64GB which costs 14,500 and 17,500 respectively. As we move on to the features, The display arrived with 5 inches of 2.5D Gorilla Glass Full HD Display+ 441 PPI (Pixel Per Inch). Which is very smaller when compared with Zuk Z1 Model.

Lenovo Z2 Plus

Camera: –

The Camera has 13MP rear and 8MP for Selfie-Camera with EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization). Which it helps the user to take the quick pic with Auto-Focusing and flash is included to capture snaps in Night Mode. No significant changes in Camera while comparing with Previous Zuk Z1 model.

Processor, Battery, and Hardware:-

Lenovo Zuk Z2 Plus runs with Qualcomm Snapdragon 802 Chipset with 3GB of RAM and 2.15GHz of Quad-core Processor. It has Internal Memory of 32GB and No Expandable Storage. But, Zuk Z1 variant has 64GB of Internal Storage. So, Lenovo has made an extraordinary mistake.

The Phone has 3500 mAh Non-removable Lithium-ion battery. Which long lasts about a day. Recently, It was running on 6.0.1(Marshmallow) and Upgradable to 7.0 Nougat.

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2. Moto G4 Plus: –

[Motorola, A Lenovo Company]. Moto has sold their company to Lenovo in the year 2016. Motorola gets more satisfied customers after launching E and G series of Smartphones. All the flagship smartphones come to an end to success.

Motorola’s Moto G4 Plus was released in May 2016. It has a great Inbuilt Camera, Processor, and Display. It comes with 5.5 inches of Full HD display with the resolution of 1920x1080p and 401 Pixels Per Inch (PPI).

Moto G4 plus


Motorola Moto G4 Plus has greater extent and big scope, especially for the camera. It focuses up to the 16MP rear and 5MP front facing the camera with Laser Auto Focus, HDR and much more.

Processor, Battery, and Hardware:-

Motorola’s Moto G4 plus works with Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 chipsets and It has 32GB of internal storage and expandable Up to 128GB through Micro-SD card. This smartphone costs about 15000.Rs

G4 Plus has 3000mAh Non-removable battery which can withhold the phone to run about a day. It run’s on Android Nougat 7.0 version with 4G VoLTE support. Here is the article about, How to Update Moto G4 Plus to Android 7.0 Nougat Manually.

3. One Plus 2: –

I think you might have heard One Plus+ Company. This company is not as popular as Sony and Samsung. But, One Plus company smartphone breaks the record of its given features. One Plus 2 has 5.5 inches of IPS LCD with Full HD and 401 Pixels Per Inch, Protected with Gorilla Glass 3. It was the older model and launched in the year 2015. Still, It has 4G supported service.

One Plus 2

Camera: –

What do you think of Camera? It has 13MP of rear or back and 5MP of secondary selfie camera. Where you can take good snaps and capture the moments with OIS Feature. (Optical Image Stabilization). Using One Plus 2 camera, You can record video at 30fps 2160p. Camera Quality Sounds good.

Processor, Battery, and Hardware: –

One Plus 2 works on Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipsets with Adreno 430. One Plus 2 phone has two models. 16GB variant has 3GB of RAM and 32GB variant has 4GB RAM. Also, The price differs. The bad feedback Is, One Plus 2 doesn’t support External SD slot.

The One Plus 2 Smartphone Runs on 5.0.1 (Lollipop) and Upgradable to Marshmallow (6.0). No recent news about Latest Update 7.0 Nougat. It has 3300mAh Li-Po Non-removable battery and Available in Only one color.

You’re reading Best Android Phone

4.Samsung On8 Pro: –

Samsung is the International company for TV, Smartphones, and Gadgets. After the successful launch of Samsung On 7, Samsung decided to release its new sweep as On8 Pro. On8 Pro has 5.5 Inch HD Super AMOLED 1920x1080p Display.

Samsung On 8 pro

Camera: –

Samsung On8 Pro has 13MP rear shooter and 5MP of front shooter camera. This phone has same features where It comprises in the previous On the series smartphone.

Battery, Hardware, and Processor: –

On8 Pro has 16GB of Internal storage and expandable up to 64GB. Also, It speeds up the phone with 3GB of RAM. It runs on Exynos Processor 7358, Which was used in many Samsung devices. It has 3,300 mAh battery and At present Running on Android Marshmallow (6.0).

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5. Xiaomi Mi Max Prime: –

As we all know, Xiaomi is the Chinese Company. So, Most of the People will get attracted to it. But, Xiaomi Mi Max Prime performs well in the recent times. Why you got stuck? Let us we know the Specifications.

Display: –

Xiaomi’s Mi Max Prime was launched in the year 2016. It consists of 6.4 inches of Full HD display with 1080x1920p of 342 PPI. Which is greater than smartphones that I have listed above. As per the features, This Smartphones costs nearly about 20,000Rs.

Xiaomi Mi Max prime

Camera: –

The camera has more stabilized improvements. It has 16MP of rear camera and 5MP of Front facing selfie camera with OIS Feature.

Battery, Hardware, and Processor: –

Mi Max Pro comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 621 4×1 Octa-core processor. Which is faster than Samsung Galaxy S6 (High-Budget Smartphone). The smartphone comprises with 128GB of Internal Storage, and 256GB of external SD card slot support is available. It runs on 4GB of RAM. The battery power was 4,850mAh, Where you could charge another smartphone using OTG Cable as a charger.

Overall Verdict: -(Best Android Phone)

I have been using Motorola’s Moto G4 plus from Several Months, and I have not faced any issue until now. These top 5 Best Android Phone has same features, and few of them will change according to its manufacturer product.

I have reviewed this article based on Policy guidelines of the company. If you want to read more articles about smartphones and Tech Reviews. Please Stay Tuned with us on Facebook. If your mind gets any question regarding the smartphone features. Just ping me below in the comment section.

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  1. Very helpful and insightful, I recently bought a new phone so this would have helped me, if only i had waited. Oh well, i love samsungs i find every single model indestructible, you just can’t break them its virtually impossible. I have been using samsungs for the last 10 years and I love them. Anyway thank you for enlightening us with this…

  2. Great post. I like how you listed all the benefits and features of each device. I had a few Samsung phones before but now I have Apple. Although I have no interest in buying a phone anytime soon this can definitely help me help other people. Often family members ask for advice in terms of what type of devices they should buy because some of them are not technology inclined lol so I can quickly refer them to some of these phones. Thanks!

  3. Very useful information about android phones. I am also using samsung and panasonic android phone and not facing any issue till date. keep bringing this type of comparison in future also .


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