9 Best Free Android Productivity Apps To Increase your Focus

Best Android Productivity Apps: –

Best productivity apps can make your life very easy and efficient. They permit the user to get the useful information they need. They are handy for business as you can show your work progress and send, receive signed files to a colleague. There are several productivity apps available on the Android App stores, but you can always find and use the brilliant ones among them. In this article, you can find the best productivity apps which are categorized under this title as they are universally accessible, and they are fully featured.  Rather than wasting your time to search for the best, you can view and choose a productivity app that can work efficiently from this list below.

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The 9 Best Android Productivity Apps You Need To Do More in 2020:

1. Adobe Acrobat reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader für PDF
Adobe Acrobat Reader für PDF
Developer: Adobe
Price: Free

This app doesn’t need any introductions, as it is trendy. Among a pool of PDF apps, this is one of the most reliable, efficient, and free apps available on the android app store. You can view PDF files, make notations, and edit the document. This app has an amusing feature with which you can automatically scan the documents such as business cards and any other paper related to business. You can easily read the document anywhere and everywhere. This can be downloaded for free on the android app store.

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2. Any.do

Any.do is one of the favorite task manager apps for many of the Android device users. This app stands out for its amazing and unique features.  When you first open this app. in a day, it will ask you to check the to-do list. This feature will help you to remember what tasks you should do on that particular day. You can also plan your time well and manage your time. The services provided by any.do app are completely free.  The app has a premium version, which is even more efficient, and the price of it is affordable.

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3. Asana

Asana is another great productivity app which is developed for monitoring the teamwork-based works. If you have gone out- of the station for any business-related work, you can check how much efficient your team is working with this asana app. A lot of information about the work can be contained in this platform. Even though this app comes on the mobile platform, there is no compromise on its features. The app lets you assign work for your teammates; you can also monitor the work to encourage them to do better.

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4. Automate

Developer: LlamaLab
Price: Free

Automate is very easy to use a productivity app. This app has advanced features to create automation, and you can launch them on your android device. You can create commands and texts before you start work. This app supports lots of features, and it can perform various tasks to make your daily work life easier. Form small tasks to huge tasks can be easily performed through this app.

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5. Clip stack

Clip Stack - Clipboard Manager
Clip Stack - Clipboard Manager
Developer: Ruoxin He
Price: Free

This is a completely free clipboard manager app available for Android users. A user who does not know how to work with clipboards can also easily understand how this app operates. Whenever you copy and paste any file that will be saved in the clipboard for future use.

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6. VMware Boxer

Boxer - Workspace ONE
Boxer - Workspace ONE
Developer: Boxer
Price: Free

VMware Boxer, which is also known as the boxer, is the app that makes it easy for you to manage the mail on your Android phone or the tablet. It takes the approach of mobile-first. It lets you connect with the multiple email accounts and the management of all the messages you get from the one interface. The highly customizable interface will be very much suitable for your mobile environment. For instance, you can assign different actions like the archive or the clip to Evernote to four different swipe gestures.

It is simple, a short swipe to the left and a long swipe to the left, along with the right and a short right. The app has some of the options, such as adding reminders to the messages and the like. The app also integrates the contacts, and the information in the calendar in the same app, and this feature will help you to flip back and forth to the other applications when you want to see the emails you have received. This app will, on the whole, help you to be productive.

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7. Toggl

Toggl Track - Time Tracking
Toggl Track - Time Tracking
Developer: Toggl.com
Price: Free

The Toggl is amongst the apps which are considered as the best time tracking apps. The main attribute of the app is its ease of use. You can keep track of the day’s activities in the app. If you want to be at a meeting, a visit to the client, or work, etc. this app will remind you. This is the best app that can be used on the mobile phone. You can utilize the app to keep tabs on the record time on the tasks you do to be productive.

Toggl also wins the heart of its user by providing the free tier service. Though you have to pay for experiencing the more advanced features in the app, the service can perform in many platforms like iOS, Chrome, macOS, web, etc. You can sync into the other places when using the app.

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8. Tide

Tide - Sleep & Meditation
Tide - Sleep & Meditation
Developer: Moreless, Inc.
Price: Free

Many people consider that the work timer apps in Android are difficult to manage. They are slow and get annoyingly difficult to quit. However, the tide app is refreshing and easy- to- handle the app. This app is available on the iPhone also. It plays a noise track when your task time is over. There is a time for a short break that can be allotted in the app. You can set the time for your tasks and use this app to increase your productivity.

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9. Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer File Manager
Solid Explorer File Manager
Developer: NeatBytes
Price: Free

Android gives you the free-ranging access to some of the files saved in the devices, but using these tools with a new app is hard. You can use the solid explorer, which is an inexpensive method for using the hidden tools in your android to set up productivity. You can stuff the files in the archival tools which the solid explorer offers. The app saves your time and gives you a lot of benefits on your phone itself.

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Final Verdict:

These are some of the best Android productivity apps you can use to finish your planned work easily and effortlessly. If we missed listing any of the useful productivity Apps, Please let us know in the comment section below. We will update the post by adding those apps as well in our top-picked list.

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