9 Best Bitcoin Wallet Apps For Android

Best Bitcoin wallet apps for Android:

The developing and popular cryptocurrency is very fresh, highly talked about, and has a worldwide reach. Bitcoin is the first and best cryptocurrency, and it is essential that it is safe and confidential to use it. Wallet apps are handy for them. Bitcoin wallet applications can be beneficial for many reasons, such as trade purposes, to store, and to exchange it.

It is suggested that a Bitcoin wallet should be able to store a number of Bitcoin. There are tons of Bitcoin apps available these days, but it can be a tough task to find the best Bitcoin wallet suitable for your Android device. Let’s make the finding task easier by viewing the list of finest Bitcoin wallet apps.

9 Best Bitcoin Wallet Apps For Android:

1. Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin Wallet
Bitcoin Wallet
Price: Free

The bitcoin will release the new icon wallet for the understanding of the android to keep the cryptocurrency safe. This application contains a lot of functionalities, namely the conversion of the amount to the respective local currency. With the help of this particular wallet, you can make a payment using the Bluetooth even if you are not online. In case you are a trader or a merchant, the customers will be able to scan the QR codes to make the payment with ease.

2. Blockchain Wallet

One more wallet on the list is the bitcoins wallet, which is considered the best. It can maintain track of the other kinds of cryptocurrencies, as well. In the blockchain wallet, you can see the market live feed of the price of the currencies you have got with you. You can buy and sell the bitcoins with the help of this application. However, for some of the users of the application, the wallet lets you set the biometric password, and you could also go with the pin of four digits.

3. BRD – a bitcoin wallet

The BRD may seem a straightforward and organized way of keeping an account of the currencies you have got. Your mobile wallet for the bitcoin will show you the entire value of the contents in the wallet. This app is not only dependant on the four-digit pin the feature, which is quite different from the other wallet apps. You can set a pin of six digits for the wallet you have. You can also save your debit and credit card details to pay using the app, and this will help you to speed up the process.

4. Ripio Bitcoin Wallet

Similar to various bitcoin or the cryptocurrency wallets, this app called the Ripio would allow you to secure your bitcoin mobile wallet using a pin. It is possible to buy and sell the cryptocurrency on the go instantly by utilizing the wallet. The best part of this application is an email message is sent to you for all the activities you conduct in the app. The transactions using the QR codes will make it simple and effortless for you to use the wallet, especially for the business people.

5. Xapo Bitcoin Wallet

Developer: Xapo
Price: Free

In case you are searching for an application that helps you send money to family members and friends from any place in the world and also for using the cryptocurrencies, you can use the app called Xapo Bitcoin Wallet. The Xapo app can help you to send money through chat. The reason is the app is a cryptocurrency wallet; therefore, with the help of this app, you can send the money easily.

6. Coin base-buy Bitcoin and more. Secure wallet

Coin base is one of the popular Bitcoin wallets available on the android app store.  It is an extremely safe platform to trade your Bitcoin. There are also many services provided, such as the store Bitcoin, litecoin, and ethereum. There are several incredible features, such as connecting this wallet with other wallets such as PayPal, with debit and credit cards.  The user can also get merchant services.

7. BitPay

Bitpay is a full-featured Bitcoin wallet available for Android users. Every single feature which is necessary for a trader is available in this app. Cryptocurrencies and other currencies can be securely stored in this wallet.  You can effortlessly store, exchange, and trade your funds.  The transaction speed is very excellent within a few minutes. You can transfer the coins with anyone around the world. More than twenty-three million users have downloaded this wallet on their Android devices. The funds can be exchanged with other wallets such as the ether and Bitcoin cash.

8. Block folio wallet

This wallet can be used with ultimate speed. This platform is elegant and smooth; any user can easily use it with ease.  You can keep track of all your past transactions and manage all your currencies with security.  This platform allows you to track more than two thousand cryptocurrencies, and these services are worldwide.  You can view your total blockchain assets with this wallet.  One excellent feature is that the user will be notified about the price changes.  You can get access to all the market details of every coin, chartbook, and order book.

9. Mycelium Bitcoin wallet

This wallet is one of the most suggested android wallet apps.  It is effortless to send and receive the coins with your handy android smart device. This wallet provides you 100 percent safety for your fund and for all the transactions which is done with Bitcoin.  The user can get full control of the private keys available for the transactions.  It provides the utmost safety as you can disable the app if you have lost your device. You can manage two or more accounts with this wallet.  You can search for other users who use this Bitcoin wallet. You can create a secret PIN password to protect your account.

These are some of the bitcoin wallet apps you can use to send the cryptocurrencies. This list will help you to choose the best bitcoin wallet you prefer. Download any of the wallets from this list and enter the world of digital money, which will be beneficial for your transactions.

I hope you liked this article on bitcoin Wallet Apps for Android. If I missed any wallet on the list, please do let me know in the comment section below. Also, Don’t forget to share it with your friends on social media.

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