16 Best iOS Emulators For PC [Run iOS Apps on Windows]

Best iOS Emulators For Windows PC: –

Do you have Windows PC/Laptop and want to experience iOS Apps on your Windows PC? Then, You should try these top iOS Emulators on your Computer to run Apple iOS apps instantly. Transferring or Sharing Images and music from the Computer to iPhone or iPad is such a crucial task. We have to use iTunes as an intermediate to share any data from the Windows computer.

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Best iOS Emulators For Windows PC

I am also the Windows user. But, holding the iOS device in my hand. I know, how hard is to transfer data from the computer to any Apple device.  So, Today I came up with the top iOS Emulator For PC to run iOS Apps on the Windows Platform.

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Being an emulator fan, I am going to share some of the best emulators for pcs as well as laptops that are running on Windows operating system. People who face problems choosing the best emulator can read this article entirely to select their favorite one.

Installing the supported iOS Emulators, helps you to enjoy all the iOS games and apps on your Windows system.

You can even enjoy those applications and games also if you don’t have an Apple device. All you need is one Windows PC/Laptop and a good emulator device that emulates your favorite iOS apps to other operating systems.

So, without wasting much time, Let us we discuss

What is an iOS Emulator?

What is an iOS Emulator?

Before moving to the main topic on “iOS Emulators For Windows PC.” We will know What is an iOS Emulator?

As you all have heard the word “Emulator” But, don’t know what Emulator exactly is? Right? An emulator is nothing but software or a virtual program that emulates the application to run on any Platform based on the Emulator. So, What it does do? It creates a different atmosphere on several operating systems.

iPhone Emulator also does the same thing. It will create a separate atmosphere to run iOS apps and games on Windows PC within the existing hardware.

Suppose, If you have wanted to play Super Mario Game on your Windows PC? You can’t play or run it without the console. But, it is possible when you have the emulator with you. This iOS Emulator will create an iOS environment on Windows PC and make them run without Apple products. Take a look at the Best Nintendo 3DS Emulators for Android

Advantages and Disadvantages of iOS Emulator for PC: –

Advantages: –

  • The main advantage of the iPad Emulator for PC is that you can get it for free of cost.
  • You can run on Various Platforms or Operating Systems like iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and Android.
  • You can test any application without running on the particular Operating system. Alternatively, you can use an emulator for testing purposes.

Disadvantages: –

  • It consumes a lot of RAM. So, it disturbs while working on other apps
  • Running a High-End game on iOS Emulator will not work correctly.

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Top 16 iOS emulators for Windows PC: –

I have collected the list based on the user’s opinions. So, you can easily find and choose the best iOS/iPhone/iPad Emulator for PC without struggling much on the internet.

1. iPadian: –

iPadian -Best iOS Emulator

iPadian is the best iPad Simulator for Windows PC that allows you to access the iOS apps that comes along with the iPadian Simulator. iPadian is developed using Adobe Air. But, you cannot expect that all the apps will run on it. This Simulator is available free of cost. So, only you need to download and install it on your PC/Laptop to access iOS Apps.

The interface looks similar to the iPhone or iPad. You can feel the touch while using it. iPadian has two versions (Free and Paid versions). The free version is best for one who wants to use only iOS apps on a PC. For more additional inbuilt features you can purchase the paid version which costs only $10.

Compatibility: – Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

Rating: -4/5

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2. Mobione Studio: –

Mobione Studio- Besi emulator

Mobione studio is also one of the best emulators for Windows. It has an excellent user interface and user-friendly design where you can easily understand the emulator after working on it. But, The service was stopped a few years ago. Still, you can use it for running beta apps on this emulator. I highly recommend this apple Emulator to the developers for testing purposes.

Compatibility: – Windows, Mac, iPhone, and iPad

Rating: – 3/5

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3. SmartFace: –

Smartface - Emulator for Windows

Smartface is the other best iPad/iPhone emulator for PC. It is extensively used for developing cross-platform apps. The smart face emulator works well when compared with the iPadian. Also, It is available for free.

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SmartFace also has the Paid version. You can choose free or paid version according to your choice. Paid version unlocks some of the features which will be much helpful to the developers to test iOS apps instantly. Paid version pricing starts at $99.

Compatibility: – Windows,

Rating: – 4/5

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4. App.io: –

Emulator for windows

App.io is the other best iOS Emulator which works online. All you need to do is upload the iOS app .zip file or Android.Apk file to continue to the next step. The most robust process is uploading. It may take more than 30 min if your internet connection is slow. But, After uploading the app, it is so easy to use and navigate. The main advantage is you no need to install any software, and it is available for free (7 days trial)

You can access it from several devices like Windows, Mac, Android, etc. It is a cloud-based emulator. Just sync your iOS app with App.io and Enjoy. My friend was personally using this service. He said, “There is no lagging or Error caused to him.”

Compatibility: – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari browser.

Rating: – 3.5/5

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5. Appetize.io: –

Appetize Emulator for PC

Appetize is the best alternative to App .io Emulator. It allows the user to develop and test iOS and Android apps from cloud storage. Also, You no need to install any additional software to run this emulator. It is an entirely online-based Emulator. So, you just need medium Internet speed to integrate with the app. Best emulator for beta testers.

You can use this tool for free for about 100 minutes per month. After exceeding the 100 minutes bandwidth, you will be charged $0.05 per minute. So, For small term users, it is the best online emulator.

How to use it: –
  • Go to Appetize.io
  • Upload the iOS or Android App
  • Then, you must give your Email ID to get the app link from the Appetize service.
  • Go to your mail and click on the link to Run your uploaded app.

Rating: -4/5

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6. iPad Simulator: –

iPad Simulator for windows pc

iPad Simulator is the best cloud iOS Emulator for Windows PC. It works on Google Chrome. But, due to some reasons, it has been removed from the Chrome Webstore. This extension allows the users to access all the apps and works similar to the iPad. So, you need no physical iPad because of all the functionality you get from this extension. Also, This iPad simulator allows the user to send a message using iMessage and enables Siri on the long press. You can even drag & drop the iOS app from your Windows computer to this iPad simulator, and it will be saved permanently in the Cloud storage.

Sadly, Not available right now.

Compatibility: – Windows, Chrome.

Rating: – 4.5/5

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7. iPhone simulator (ios emulators for windows pc): –

iPad Simulator for windows PC

iPhone Simulator is the best alternative to the iPad simulator. But, the iPhone simulator needs installation, and the iPad simulator is the Extension, so it doesn’t need any installation on your PC. It has the best UI and works like an iPhone. Those who don’t have an iPhone with them can try this iPhone simulator to experience the feel of a real iPhone. I have used this Emulator earlier, and You can able to access limited iOS apps or games using this Emulator from your Windows desktop integrated with High-end Graphics.

The happy news is you can get it for free of cost and can enjoy the real experience and user interface of the iPhone using the iPhone Simulator on your Windows PC.

Rating: – 4/5

Compatibility: – Windows

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8. AirPhone Emulator: –

AirPhone Emulator

AirPhone is the best iOS Emulator for Windows PC. Before installing the AirPhone Emulator on your PC, you need to install Adobe Air on your pc in to run this application without any Errors. This Emulator copied the GUI of the iPhone, and It works similar to iPhone and allows all iOS apps and games. But, you can’t feel that much iPhone user experience on your desktop using AirPhone. So, You better install it if you never used the iOS device before.

Rating: – 3.5/5

Compatibility:  Windows

9. Nintendo 3DS Emulator (ios emulators for windows pc): –

Nintendo 3Ds Emulator for windows pc

When it comes to gaming Nintendo is the best choice to prefer. Nintendo 3DS Emulator is the best iPhone Emulator for PC especially for playing iOS games on Windows. You can download this emulator for free and run all types of games using this Nintendo 3Ds Emulator; Even it supports some of the 3-D-based games. Nintendo company used to develop gaming consoles, and it got popularized in a short span of time widely all over the countries. I highly recommend this Emulator for gaming purposes. It is quite easy when it comes to usage and can run High-End games quickly on your Windows PC without supported plugins.

Rating: – 5/5

Compatibility: – Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android.

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Best iOS Emulators for PC: –

10. Xamarin TestFlight: –

Xamarin Test Flight Emulator

Tech Giant Windows now owns Xamarin. Xamarin TestFlight is also comparatively the best Emulator to run iOS apps on your Windows PC efficiently. Being a Windows product, developers will update more things that can help the users to run this emulator as fast as comfortable in the upcoming version. You can use this TestFlight Emulator for testing purposes. If any of your apps are going to publish in the App store, you can test the demo of the beta app using this emulator before publishing.

This Emulator has all the functionality, Advanced support and comes with a user-friendly user interface. But, the thing is you can only test or run the app which is based on iOS 8.0 or above version. The below 8.0 version will not work. Also, this app is available is not available for free. You need some bucks to download it. Pricing starts at 25$ per month. I have also shared top movies apps

Rating: – 4.5/5

Compatibility: – Mac and Windows

11. iDOS Emulator (iOS Emulators For Windows PC): –

iDOS Emulator

iDOS Emulator is also the best one. I haven’t used this Emulator so far in my Windows PC. But, As per the user opinions, it works great to run the apps on Windows using this Emulator. So, I highly recommend not to use this Emulator as of now.

Rating: – 2/5

Compatibility: – Windows

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12. Ripple: –

Ripple Best iOS Emulator

Ripple is the best alternative & similar emulator to the iPad Simulator. It is one of the best emulators used by developers for testing purposes. Also, It is not software-based. Ripple is the extension that is available in the Google Chrome browser. You can get it for free of cost at Chrome Webstore. It is handy for creating new applications. If you’re searching for a browser-based emulator then, Go with Ripple

Rating: – 4.5/5

Compatibility: – Google Chrome browser required

13. iMame Emulator: –

IMame Emulator for windows

The iMame emulator was specially designed for gamers. Using iMame emulator, you can play iOS games on your Windows PC without struggling. But, iMame is not entirely developed for Windows users. But, you can use it to run iOS Apps on Android. iMame allows any iOS apps and games for iPhone as well iPad. It will emulate several apps and also can play iOS 10/iOS 9 apps with the help of iMame Emulator.

Rating: – 2.5/5

14. Electric Mobile Studio (ios emulators for windows pc): –

Electric mobile studio

Electric Mobile Studio is another excellent iOS Emulator for Windows PC. It is the tool used for developing, testing, redesigning, and helping to create an iOS app on Windows PC. It allows development in various Programming languages. But, When it comes to speed, it consumes a lot of RAM. So, At least 6GB of RAM is needed to run this emulator. You can even test this app after development. It is the responsive emulator which allows running all the apps available in the App store, and you can easily handle iPhone and iPad using this Emulator.

But, The pricing is too expensive to add to your cart. Still, you need this All-in-one tool you can get it from their site. Pricing starts at $39.99 per month. You can also get the demo product  (7-days trial) package for free.

Rating: – 4.5/5

Compatibility: – Windows

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15. Xamarin (iOS Emulators For Windows PC): –

play ios games on pc Xamarin

Xamarin is another iPad emulator for PC. It is available in the market for free. You can use this Emulator to emulate the iOS apps on Windows PC. It is primarily used by the developers to test the different platform iOS apps in Windows, and it works on Visual Studio. It is highly recommended for developers to work effortlessly.

Rating: -3.5/5

Compatibility: – Windows, Mac, Linux

16. Remoted iOS Simulator: –

Remoted iOS Emulator for Windows PC

It is also the product of Xamarin. This Simulator allows the user to test the app and even enables to debug it using the Visual Studio Enterprise version of the Windows Platform. It is the best solution for those who want to test iOS apps on Windows PCs.

Rating: -4/5

Compatibility: – Windows

Overall verdict: –

Yes !! We have gone through all the 16 Best iOS Emulators for Windows PC. I hope you loved this article and I know, you have chosen any one of the iOS Emulators which satisfies your needs. Also, please let me know in the comment below if I have missed anyone the Emulator that you know or using currently. I will update it in this article.

Also, Do share this article with your friends and let me know which Emulator you have chosen from the above list. Still, do you have queries? Please comment below on the issue. I will reply as soon as possible.

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  1. the list is very good .i have tried Mobione Studio And Ipadian these two are faster applications which takes less space and give full results. thank you for sharing this it/

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    I would be very keen to hear your comment before deciding on one.



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