6 Best Photo Scanner Apps For Android

Best Photo Scanner Apps for Android: –

There are times when we need to scan documents and pictures and send it to someone urgently. Regular camera is obsolete in such matters, and it is imperative to have one such app which helps you capture live documents and things in picture form. Here comes in the picture, photo scanner apps for android devices which play a significant role and help us scan images and form their document.

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Some of the Best photo scanner apps available for Android on the play store are the following:

#1. Adobe Scan:

This app is very famous and as the name suggests Adobe is famous for its photo editing and scanning skills and hence it is a trustworthy and reliable app. The app initially requires a login which could be made by Facebook or Google and after the scanning opens up. The scanner takes quick photos and invests less time in beautification and edits according to itself.

adobe scan to scan documents

You can create a PDF by clicking many pics together. Each picture can be edited individually as well. You can edit the color contrast which has different options for Original photo, auto color, grayscale and whiteboard. According to your requirement, you can apply it. You can even change the order of the pictures which would be saved. Other features include rotating the photos, cropping the picture and editing the name of the pdf. The app sometimes doesn’t beautify the picture to the favor of the user, and that is the only possible error which could be found out about the app.

Install: – Android (Free)

#2. Office Lens:

Another app which is sure shot a reliable app. It doesn’t sound reliable on its name till the word ‘Microsoft‘ is added to it. An app made by Microsoft is made to look different is always a contender for the best in its league. This app provides you with a feature to capture the image in the form of Whiteboard, document, business card or a regular photo. These various options give the app an edge over other photo scanner apps. With the different feature, the zooming in, the capture, the crop size changes accordingly and it becomes more comfortable for you to choose what you want to scan and the edits are made accordingly.

microsoft office lens

You can change the resolutions as well. There are three vertical dots available on the top right corner of the screen, and you can easily change the resolution from a range of 2.1 M to 16.1 M. the default setting is based at 3.8 M. you can either make pdf of the images or could even click single photos. After clicking you have various options of where you need to save the pictures. This provides you with the pathway to simply locate your desired pdf or images. You can even add text to each pic and can crop and rotate them as well. The option for beautification is limited though.

Install: – Android (Free)

#3. Photomyne:

This scanner app helps you scan pictures perfectly. You can even access the images from the gallery and edit them if you like. The images take 3 seconds of long press to be scanned and then you can click on add picture to add more pictures to make a pdf. You can directly export the pdf to your device or even send it without saving from the app itself. There is a free version of the app, and there are paid ones as well. The paid version has all kinds of scanning techniques and better precision.


On the home page of the app, you will find some icons which are very interesting. On the album icon, you can see all the albums you have created thus far. Then comes the icon of a family which helps you make a forum where all your family members can access from their cell phones, and you can save all your family photographs there. In the discover section next to family you require internet, and it shows you the best images that have been captured throughout the browser. These icons make the app look even more interesting.

Install: – Android (Free)

#4. Photo scan: –

This app is one of the most commonly used photos scanning app. It is an app developed by Google, and once you have installed it, you can access directly from your settings of the photos itself. The USP of Photo scan app is the fact that it creates sharp and high resolved pics. The pictures take a bit of your time and hard work, but the result is flawless.

photo scan by google

Every time you click a picture you need to adjust the camera to the four circles that are formed at the corners of the images. Once the circles are captured, All the four corners, each edited separately gets formed together to form one sharp photo. If you want to scan the pictures fast you can turn off the glare remover in this app. The photos will not be glare-free, but it would be quick to capture it. The only flaw the app has is that you can’t make PDFs using the app.

Install: – Android (Free)

#5. Cam Scanner:


One of the most used scanning app by college and office going people. This app is used to make quick pdf with automated filters to strengthen the picture quality and then save it immediately. You can scan card, ppt, documents, ID card and QR code as well. This variety is the reason for such high demand for the app. Another reason to support the app is that it is effortless to use and the pdf is formed very quickly as well. You can click on multiple shots to have a pdf or can access the single shot if you want a particular picture.

Install: – Android (Free)

#6. Photable: –

This app is used to make albums of scanned images that you can save in your gallery or use it later. You can even access your mobile gallery to make a pdf if you wish to. So the app works for more than just a scanner. To capture an image you need to click on the image for about 3 seconds which helps the camera scan the image. You can capture many images as per your and then you even can rename the album as well. The only disadvantage of the app is the auto zoom of the image as the app decides on itself of what is essential and what is not and it becomes tough to sort it.

Install: – Android (Free)

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Overall Verdict: –

These are some of the best photo scanner apps for Android available today. If you liked the list, then do let me know in the comment section below. Also, Let me know which one you’ve installed on your Android device. If you found it useful, Do Share it with your friends and keep visiting for more reviews like this!!!

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