Top 9 PPSSPP Games for Android: The Best of the Best!

Best PPSSPP Games available for Android Phones: –

Many users around the world are PPSSPP game fanatics. Due to its extremely superior graphics and other features PSP games are unbeatable. To feel the one of a kind gaming experience you may need a high-end tech Smartphone.  Your Smartphone may have to be highly featured for this gameplay.  The storage space of your phone must have at least 1 GB space.

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If you don’t have a highly featured Smartphone, then you must have at least 512 MB of your mobile space.  If you want to avail ppsspp games on your device, then a smart emulator is needed. First of all, let’s see how a PPSSPP emulator works.

How does a PPSSPP emulator work?

A PSP emulator is an open source platform which is available for operating systems such as Android, iOS and Linux. It is very useful to increase the speed and the efficiency of your device.

It is very easy to get the list of PSP games available from Google for your Android device. However, most of the files available there are corrupted and not proper. Let’s see some of the incredible ppsspp games available for your Android device.

Let’s see the simple download process of PSP games on your device

If you find it very difficult even after reading the instructions to download the PSP games then there are many online tutorials available which can make your job very easy. You can search on how to download a PSP game. There are download links available from which you can download the games.  Let’s see the PSP games available.

Download PPSSPP Emulator For Android:

9 Best PPSSPP Games For Android:

1. God of war-ghost of Sparta

god of war - ghost of sparta
image credits – Emuparadise

The most popular ppsspp game available today is the god of war.  This game has got some great reviews.  The storyline of this game is very interesting and unique.  This game is unmatchable when comparing with other games.  You can go to the Emu paradise and search for this game.

Rating: 9.5/10

Download Here

2. God of war- a chain of Olympus

god of war - chains of olympus
credits – emuparadise

Another yet impeccable ppsspp game is the chain of Olympus.  The quality of this game is very superior. If you want to invest your time in a worthy game, then the chain of Olympus is perfect for you. The game is very electrifying with lots of twists and turns.  You can feel the amazing graphics and sound effects of this game.  You may need a full-featured Android device to play this game.  You can also make lots of modifications in the graphics of the game.  With the help of download links, you can easily download this game on your Android device.

Rating: 9.5/10

Download Here

3. WWE Smackdown vs. RAW 2011.

wwe smackdown vs raw 2011

People who love wrestling will never miss out this game. Create, play and wrestle with the contender you choose.  The graphics and the visuals effects will make you feel that you are really wrestling.  Get ready to win more championship matches by powerfully wrestling. You can beat the scoreboard by defeating you a massive and strong contender. You can choose to be a diva super girl or a muscular male wrestler.  This game keeps your excitement level very high until the game gets over.

Rating: 8/10

Download Here

4. Vice city series: by grand auto theft

GTA vice city ppsspp

GTA vice city has its own phenomenal franchise.  This game is extremely popular and very well known by users around the globe.  This game allows the user to do anything as you do in the real world. You can run, chase, shoot fight, roam and drive.  With each level, the game keeps on getting harder and even more exhilarating.  The game provides the multiplayer option. Since its release, vice city still remains as the most downloaded game and with good reviews.  The player gets to enjoy lots of weapons.  You can also avail the cheat codes available for this game.  The storage space consumed by this game is also very less when compared to others. You may need only 717 MB to download this game on your Android device.

Rating: 9/10

Download Here

5. The warriors

the warriors game

Warrior is a game which was launched by the celebrated rockstar developers.  It is a first-class PSP adventure game. The plot is very mind-blowing the storyline is about a gang who are accused as murderers.  The story revolves around New York City where the other gang seeks revenge for murdering their gang leader.  The gang to survive they protect themselves from the other gang and at the same time they have to prove that there are innocent.  The phenomenal features of this game can be enjoyed if you have a high-end Smartphone.  This game is definitely addicting you may have to run away from the chasers throughout the game.

Rating: 7/10

Download Here

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6. Assassins creed bloodlines

assassin's creed - bloodlines
credits – emuparadise

This game is really captivating and it is even more enchanting for gamers who have experienced this amazing game.  This game can be accessed by many of the Android device versions. You can enjoy this gameplay even if you have a low-end Android device. With the help of the APK file, you can get the download links and install it on your device.

Rating: 9/10

Download Here

7. Dead to right

dead to rights game
credits – wikipedia

This game is basically a shooting game.  The player has to control and direct jack slate. You may need a lot of bullets to kill all your rivalries.  With shooting, you have another adventurous task that is to save witness who is lost.

Rating: 7.5/10

Download Here

8. Lord of Arcana

lords of arcana ppsspp emulator game
credits – Youtube

It is a great engaging fantasy game. You can try out this game to find how amazing it is. As a courageous warrior, you may have to combat against all of your strong and dangerous enemies.  The climax is very epic as you have to kill the enemies with your sword. With all the 3d effects this game is very realistic to play.

Rating: 9.5/10

Download Here

9. Tomb Raider

tomb raider
credits – emuparadise

Tomb Raider is a brilliant PSP game.  This game is a full on entertainment. You may get excited with lots of adventures twists and turns.  As a female protagonist Lara you travel around the world for artifacts which are mythical.

Rating: 9.5/10

Download Here

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This is a carefully picked collection of all the excellent and superior quality ppsspp game for your Android Smartphone. Try all your favorites to enjoy an out the world gaming experience.

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