6 Best Android Screen Recorder Apps for Android [Hand Picked]

Best Screen recorder Apps for Android: –

Ever had an urge to record the game you won in your device to show to others? Or a business chat to explain to your colleagues? Or many other kinds of stuff which you considered worth sharing?. Often we hunt for this facility, and so there is a wide range of Screen recording Apps which are free to download and can fulfill your necessity. But which one is best for?

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6 Best Screen Recorder Apps for Android (Must Check): –

Following list is of Best Screen recorder Apps for Android.

#1. DU Recorder – Screen Recorder, Video Editor, Live

With so many features and modes to choose, it is the first screen recorder App. You can begin your recording by tapping on the DU icon from your notification bar or through the pop-up button.

There are many resolutions (from 240p to 1080p), quality (from 1Mbps to 12Mbps, or leave it to Auto mode), FPS (from 15 to 60, or Auto), etc. to choose from to set the parameters of your recorded video. Also, you can set the timer to stop the recording so that you do not have to back again to the App stop it. It also saves you from editing or cutting the extras. DU also has gesture control, on enabling this, you can shake your phone, and the recording stops there itself.

Other features include if you want to record the video as a GIF for easy sharing on social media if you wish to show taps on the screen and if you wish to add a watermark.

With DU, you would also not require any additional App to merge, edit, etc. Because DU lets you do it with much comfort and ease. You can also convert your videos to GIFs to share on social media. You can make GIFs easily through the pop-up button. Tap on the button to start recording and shake your phone when you are done the recording.

With so many elements, it is rare to find a free App as such.

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#2. AZ Screen Recorder

The AZ screen recorder App is yet another free screen recording App but is loaded with Apps. It has a premium version which keeps on popping up on the screen. Also, you’ll have to grant permission for the pop-up window, and then all the controls are presented in front of you to customize. AZ Screen Recorder facilitates you to send live streaming of your recordings as well.

AZ Screen recorder is designed well to compete with the DU. Both have got the same features and controls like resolution, frame rate, and bitrate settings. Again, you can show touches (your finger points to what), text, or a logo, and you can also open the front camera to record your face while recording the screen. There are many other features like recording, removing advertisements, drawing on display, and converting to GIFs. On the recording, the key hide to avoid being captured on the recording, Not only this but some extra features are also available, but for them, you need to upgrade to the premium version by paying Rs 190. However, for a normal user, it is hardly required.

It’s otherwise mostly similar to DU Recorder for ease of use, and in general, it was easy to use either app. Our preference to the former notwithstanding, AZ Screen Recorder is also a good alternative, mainly if you’re trying to make a simple clip.

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#3. Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder is free like the above two and most importantly does not contain ads like AZ Screen Recorder. However, it is not loaded with so many features as in the case of DU and AZ.

The working is simple and easy to use. You’ll have grant permission to start your recording. Being less featured may appear as uninteresting, but is a boon to those not looking for any and are seeking only for an App with essential elements performing the primary task.

Bildschirm Recorder
Bildschirm Recorder
Developer: Kimcy929
Price: Free+

Once you open the App, a toolbar pops up at the bottom which enables you to customize your settings liking setting a timer which will stop at the very instant you wish to, etc. Screen Recorder lets you stop recording by also turning off the display. Hence, hinderance due to control buttons of the App is entirely handled.

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#4. ADV Screen Recorder

ADV is like most of the screen recording Apps which provides all the necessary and basic tools like bit rate, resolutions, frame rates, etc. It is a reliable, user-friendly App for the newbies. It also offers to record in two different engines. Even while recording, you can draw, text, etc. on the screen. ADV screen recording enables you to switch from screen recording to the camera, both rear and front. Moreover, you can pause in between as per your requirement. It also features a screenshot.

ADV Screen Recorder
ADV Screen Recorder
Developer: ByteRev
Price: Free

The screen captured through ADV app does not contain a watermark and does not need root access either. It adds a timer of 3 seconds before starting the recording. It is lightweight, free and includes ads along with in-app purchases.

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#5. Mobizen

Mobizen is for devices running Android 4.4 KitKat or later. The user-friendliness of this app makes it recommend, and it’s a rapid process to start your screen recording. You have options like screen recording in Full HD with 12.0 Mbps and 60 fps, setting the location to save it to an external SD card, and a clean recording mode with no watermark. An additional tool is a FaceCam feature, and to optimize your results, the app also includes many editing features such as trim, cut, and more. So, no need to install more Apps to do all these stuff. Also, We have previously shared How To Mirror Android To PC Without Root – Free Screen Sharing

Mobizen Bildschirmaufzeichnung
Mobizen Bildschirmaufzeichnung
Developer: MOBIZEN
Price: Free

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#6. ScreenCam Screen Recorder

ScreenCam is not only free but is an open source. It means its source code is open to all and if you wish you can contribute to the development of the project to an advanced level. Loaded with the essential features, ScreenCam allows what most of the other Apps couldn’t. With ScreenCam you can record your audio (or any sound) while your recording is going on. However, this only work in Android 5.0 or above.

For Android Nougat 7.0 and above, it provides additional more features like pause, restart, etc.

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Final Verdict:

Although these Best Screen recorder Apps for Android can perform the basic function, i.e., to record your screen, the App which you need to install depending on your usage type. If you are into gaming and if you want to record each instance of your play, AZ, DU, etc. are recommended. Also, if you want features like pause, stop, restart to function well, you must go for mobizen and ADV.

But if you are looking for a basic App to record your stuff, go for the Screen recorder or ADV. You might be worried about the ads which may disturb while recording, but the trick is to disable your mobile data or WI-FI and do the needful. You would find no ads. If you are still clueless about your needs, try ADV and DU, they are suitable for all user types.

I hope you enjoyed reading the article, If you did, then don’t forget to share it with your mates and let me know which screen recorder app you have chosen from the top list in the comment section below. Keep visiting our site for more tech news and stuff. 

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