Best Xposed Modules You Should Check Right Now!

Best Xposed Modules For Your Android Device:

Xposed framework is a platform which when downloaded can be used to extract and install various apps which can modulate your Android smartphone differently. That is why such software is called modules. These modules run on memory and provide a specific environment for a particular purpose. These modules can be used to change the interface, help ease different issues, and improve the patterns of your mobile.

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Xposed isn’t a new concept for the android users and it is gaining popularity with its increase in awareness. With people getting more aware of the fact of Xposed it is now more in use.

8 Best Xposed Modules You Should Check out: –

Installing Xposed modules is effortless. Once you have downloaded an Xposed module, you will be able to access various features and modules of it.  The Xposed framework was primarily put into use for the customization and the welfare of your phone. It is, however, important to note while installing the module that it coincides with the version of Android you are using because not all modules work on every version of the Android. If you need to know the list of the modules which are best featured for your android devices, this is the best list:

1. Amplify Battery:

One of the most significant issues that a user starts experiencing after a point of time is the drainage of the battery. This problem doesn’t take place suddenly as initially the battery draining equipment are to goes down fairly quick. With the help of the Amplify Battery module, it is easy to save and conserve your battery and check your phone to run for a longer time.

The module gives you a detailed survey and looks of which part of your phone is taking how much battery. It provides the optimized search, and with the modifications present in the module there can be improvements made in the smartphone which will eventually lead to conserving battery. The version is free of cost and a pro version for unlocking higher leveled features can also be accessed by paying some money.

Download Amplify

2. BootManager:

This module could be useful for the people who experience the problem of apps opening in the background on their own once the phone is booted. There are most of the times some inbuilt apps which open without you even touching them even when you have rebooted the phone. This module helps in stopping those apps to be launched at the very starting, and the performance can be made better as the CPU of the smartphone then requires fewer tasks to complete.

Download BootManager

3. Greenify:

Greenify is a popular module which is used by most of the users around. Do you remember some of the apps which you use very rare but can’t uninstall because they might help you someday in some way? Such apps which may be used once in a month consume your battery every single day. This leads to unnecessary battery wastage. The Greenify module helps in putting such apps into hibernation which you use rarely. They stop consuming the RAM and the battery. These apps get disappeared from the background.

Developer: Oasis Feng
Price: Free

4. NeverSleep:

NeverSleep module allows certain apps which you want to enable the ability never to sleep. Sometimes you don’t want the phone to remain fully on at all the time as it may consume all your battery, but at the same time, while using a particular app, you don’t want to tap the screen time and again to make sure the screen is lit. This problem can be overcome by using this module. You can choose which apps you don’t want them to sleep, and as soon as you open that app the mobile will behave that way, and once logged out of the app, the phone may go to sleep.

Download NeverSleep

5. Xblast Tools:

Xblast is a module for the interface customization of your phone. If you want to change the way your status bar, toolbar, navigation bar, search bar or default buttons function or look then this module is the best suited for you. The options of customization are limitless, and you can design a phone which may not be externally the dream phone, but internally it can be definitely. If you want to add any shortcuts or edit the way your display is then the Xblast Tools module may work in the best of your favor.

Download Xblast Tools

6. Statusbar Download progress:

This module is primarily downloaded so that whenever you are downloading a file or an app, the status of the accomplishment of the download gets featured on the status bar itself and you need not swipe the bar down to look at the progress. This makes progress go simpler as each time you know how much a download is done. You can also mark the progress of all the other apps which are downloading at the same time.

Download Statusbar Download Progress

7. GravityBox:

Gravity Box is the most common, widely used, and most versatile module for Xposed. It can be used to change and customize your entire screenplay. You can change your display, be it your screen, the way you want to visualize your icons or even the way you want to view your battery. You can tweak even your lock screen and home screen which can’t be done through any of the other apps.

You can customize the task manager or even the return button. You can change the way the notifications get popped up for you or the duration that the notification bar remains in front of your eyes. You can personally customize which widgets you want to keep on your opening tab and even decide which app may open when you put in your headphones or your charger. It gives a changeover to the interface that you are currently working on.

Download: Oreo, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, And for remaining older Android versions you can use the Xposed module search box.

8. CrappaLinks:

Sometimes when you receive a link to watch, and then you open it, it tends to open in not the specified app but in the browser within that app. This sometimes becomes too indirect or a more extended procedure. It may not look like an issue but ends up being tiresome. The module Crapppalinks helps in accessing the app directly instead of opening in the browser.

Xposed modules are best suitable for those Android users who are not receiving any further Android updates and are stuck on Android 4 or 5! Else, anybody with a geeky brain, wanting more from their Android smartphones can go to Xposed modules.

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