Download ADB and FastBoot – Android SDK Platform Tools

Android SDK platform tools: 

The Android SDK contains the modular packages that the users can easily download by using the Android SDK manager. For instance, if the SDK tools are improved or the newest version is released in the Android platform, you can utilize the SDK manager to speedily download it to suit you. In the adding of the platforms and packages, there are several steps given, and you can follow these simple steps.

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What’s fresh?

  • The command-line features of the apk analyzers have inserted in the tools/bin/APKAnalyser. It provides the same sort of features as the APK analyzer in the android studio. It can also be used in the build/CI servers and scripts for finding size regressions, creating reports and many more.
  • The Android plugin will no longer utilize the proguard rules files in the tools for the Gradle.
  • When you have created an AVD with the use of manager, it is not needed to specify—tag if the package is particularly given. The package may contain an only image as same as all the images found in Google.

There are still many other packages used for the Android SDK. The following points will describe the essential packages available and where can you find them if you have a wish to use them.

How to Download the SDK platform tools?

You will be able to download the ADB and Fastboot which are the Android SDK tools from Google officially, or you can check the direct download links below. Many of the users of Android have utilized ADB and fastboot and some other kits in their Android mobiles.

If you want to Flash or Unlock the bootloader of your Android device, these Android SDK tools come into the play. Usually to install the ADB or the fastboot you can download the Android SDK which can be found on the Android studio. This you can set up in your pc. For that, you have to download the whole tool kit which will in size 1GB.

At the moment there is a Minimal ADB and Fastboot tools made by the developers. However, It is for most of the time the best option to download them from a trustworthy source. The updated ADB and fastboot is downloadable in the windows, Mac and Linux. They can be found in the zip package which you can download and take it from the computer easily. The size is about 10MB. The smallest of the command lines can be measured as 200MB in size. You do not require all of it if you want to do the ADB and fastboot functions on your mobile.

You should not trust the third party ADB and fastboot files and toolkit because they may not be reliable. They can be malicious. When there are many new versions released, the old versions may become unsuitable for the phone you use. So always stick with the latest version of the Android SDK Platform toolkit.

Download Android SDK Platform Tools: –

  • For Windows:
  • For Mac:
  • For Linux:

How to Setup ADB and FastBoot For Flashing and Executing ADB Commands:

    1. Download the SDK Platform tools on your PC from the above given link. Once done, Extract the .zip file to your preferred location.
    2. Now, Go to the Extracted Folder and Open Command Prompt Window by pressing the Shift Key + Mouse Right Click together to Execute the ADB commands. (Refer the image below).  adb and fastboot command prompt
    3. Once you open the Command Prompt, You can check your device whether it is connected to your PC or not by executing the following command.
adb devices

If your device address shows in the Command Prompt, then, you’ve been successfully connected. Otherwise, Try installing the required drivers of your phone on the PC and Reconnect your device and follow the same procedure.

Also, See How to Install ADB and FastBoot on Windows PC

Available packages: 

  • The SDK tool: 

This tool contains the other equipment which is necessary to develop an app. it is also used for debugging purposes and testing tools. When downloading the SDK package, you can try to download the new version of it. If you have downloaded the package recently, then it would be the latest package. Keeping your SDK package updated for better performance is essential. You can always ensure that there is an updated version or latest updates available to this package. Other than tools for app developing there are many other uses of it.

  • The platform tools of SDK

They are platform independent tools which are also used for debugging and app development purposes. These tools which are available in these platforms are great to use for your Android platform. They are also supportable for the new features available with your Android platform. There are so many other utilities which come handy with these SDK packages. You can explore more of its uses and benefits if you install it. They can also be updated to a new platform. These SDK platform tools are compatible with older version devices also.  For a new SDK platform, the latest version of these tools is necessary.


It is the offline copies of the Android platform and its documentation.

  • SDK platform

A separate SDK platform is available for each of the Android platforms and the various other versions of the Android device. You can always choose one which is compatible with your Android platform. It contains an Android library which as the jar files. If you want to build an Android app first, you may have to specify an SDK platform to work on that target.

  • System images

There are different and tons of system images available for every platform versions. A system image is needed for the Android emulator to work. The built app should be tested on the latest Android system version. Using the images in the newest system is excellent.

  • Android SDK sources

While the debugging process of your app the Android platform sources code is needed. A copy of it will be enough to complete the debugging process.

  • SDK samples

There are various sample apps available for you to check with your Android platform. The Android app code can be found out through many sources. You can see all the demos related to it. There are not only big demos, but small demos are also available.

  • Android support

A library can be useful to you to use the powerful APIs available. You can use it even if it is not available in the standard platform. The library which supports the API can make Android versions compatible by creating a swipeable users interface.

  • Google play billing

Static libraries are available which allow the billing services of the Google play app.  They also allow the sample apps.

  • License verification

Static libraries are provided to get your app the license and verification with the help of Google play app.

These are some of the Android SDK platform tools which you can use. If you liked this article, then don’t forget to share it with your friends. Also, If you face any issues regarding installation process or other similar problems, drop your query in the comment section below. I will reply as soon as possible. To keep yourself updated with our latest technology news stuff. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram.

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