How To Find Unknown Caller Details From Your Android Phone

Find unknown caller details: -Do you want to know, who is calling to your Phone Number? Then, This article is for you.

In most of the cases, We lose some contacts from the Phone. That time, someone will call you. You may not be able to recognise them with the voice itself. So, we will try to get the contact details using True Caller Application (which is available for both Android and iOS). Most of the time, True Caller fails to show the results and says “No Matches Found”.

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I have the strong reason to share this article with you,

Recently, I got a call from unknown number, and the true caller app was not able to find the number and details of the person who is calling me. I thought it might be my friend or relative and I picked up the call. Then, the unknown person who called me started asking my ATM Number and 4-digit PIN. After few minutes of conversation. I told him that I would complain to the Police Station. Suddenly, He disconnected the call and went OFF.

So, I thought to share this guide with you to get rid of this type of spam calls (without installing True Caller).

How to Find Unknown Caller Details from Android Phone (Without True Caller): –

I think you’re so much eager to know, How to find unknown numbers without a True Caller Application. So, without any further ado, Let’s get started..!!

  1. At the very first step, you need Hike Messenger Installed on your Android or iOS device.

hike messenger app

2. Open the app, Tap on Me Tab and select Services

Find Unknown contacts without true caller


3. Now, you will see a lot of options there, Select Natasha and Enable it.

Find Unknown numbers using Hike messenger

4. Come back to chat Menu and Choose Natasha (AI) and Use #caller “Your Number” as shown in the image below. For Example: – If I want to know the details of the unknown caller. Then, I will send as #caller 1234567890

Send Natasha a number to find caller details in Hike

5. Then, Tap on Send, You will get the details of the number within few seconds.

6. Follow the steps Properly and Don’t forget to Include #caller Keyword before the number.

Conclusion: –

I hope this article helps you finding unknown caller details without the use of True Caller. You can chat as well as you can find the details of Private Number with just one tap. If you have any doubts using it. Let me know in the comment section. Also, share this article with your friends and relatives.

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  1. hike have removed this option long ago. Can you please suggest any other option which is similar to the above one? Truecaller is also doing same job but not accurate.


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