15 Best Funny Wi-Fi Names To Blow Your Neighbors Mind

Funny WiFi Names:

People are filled with creativity, and their creativity sometimes comes out best in putting up Wi-Fi names. Here is a list of the funniest and most creative Wi-Fi names. So sit back and enjoy:

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15 Best Funny WiFi Names To Surprise Your Neighbors:

GetOffMyLawnThis Wi-Fi name is majorly used as when you know that someone is wandering near you as that is the only way he/she can have access to your Wi-Fi name then this particular Wi-Fi name is used to send an indirect message to stay away from your surroundings.
TellMyWifiLoveHerHere is a play on words as the Wi-Fi name maybe smartly cracked down to tell my wife I love her. Such Wi-Fi names are clever puns to send a smile to the face.
No Free Wifi for youPeople tend to look for open Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi, which could be hacked easily. A sign in the name itself is always preferred.
You Pay Nowit is when you need to look at someone else’s Wi-Fi names you need to realize that you need to pay for your internet connection.
Virus Infected WiFia gentle warning that may work as a sign simply claiming your Wi-Fi is infected with a virus in the name itself, now who knows that you custom set such name.
Salman-ka-fanThere are huge fans of celebrities around the world, and people are mad enough to set the name of the Wi-Fi according to the celeb. One such crazy fan base is the Sallu ‘BHAI’ fans.
Very slow internetnow before someone else asks or tries to get to your internet it’s better that their mood is turned off by telling the net is slow.
Ambani Sahab ki kirpaAmbani is the founder of Reliance company which is currently supplying Jio internet, which is the biggest Wi-Fi source all around and the name now is self-explanatory.
Penny gets your own wififor all the people who watch Big Bang Theory, this is a reference of the same. This is a phrase often used in the Tv series.
Open Wireless Fly Network Unavailablefor all the people who are tired of giving password and telling people the Wi-Fi is not free, this name may act as a very cool slap on everyone else.
Go Home Touristof course, if you need to look at the name of the Wi-Fi rather than simply the Wi-Fi being connected you are a tourist of that spot, and you need to go home.
I am the Internet, AMAI am the internet, ask me anything is a very smart way to put the name as it looks like the Wi-Fi is talking for himself and asking the viewers an engaging question.
Lord Voldemodeman interesting name for all the Harry Potter fans around, who knew that the one whose name can’t be taken would be used everyone to ask password for.
WiFibraniumAnother fan special Wi-Fi name this one is specially designed for all the Marvel fans, we all know that Vibranium has played an important role in the entire series of Marvel, so an interesting name depicting the same is always welcome.
No strings attachedOne of the censored adult romantic comedy films which pretty well go with the concept of Wireless fidelity is an interesting form of Wi-Fi name.

I hope you liked the list of funny Wi-Fi Names. This post will be updated frequently. Keep visiting to get more Funny Wi-Fi names like this.

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