How To Hack Wifi Password of your Neighbour or friend

Cracking others Wifi Network is illegal. Anyhow, In this article, I am going to guide you “how to hack wifi?” You may question me. Is it possible to crack Others Wifi Network using my Phone without root access? Yes, It is possible by installing some of the apps which are officially available on Google Play Store. To Know about those apps and To learn about Wifi Hacking. Let’s us we start our tutorial session without wasting much time.

Questions I got from users: How To Hack Wifi Password, How to hack wifi password of my neighbours, How to hack any wifi network, how to hack my friend’s wifi password. 

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Now the dream of each and every user comes to be true, raise your hand if you’re one of the fans of Androidstrike and try those apps to hack other’s Wifi Network Without getting fail. I tried these two apps on my phone and hacked almost all WIFI network [100% working]. So, I am going to share this amazing trick with you.

I will not be responsible if anything happens wrong. This Guide is only for educational mandatory and not to put anyone in trouble. So, please don’t ask me or hate me if you caught by your neighbor while using their Wifi network.

The Internet has become part of everyday’s life. Instead of Wired networks, People started using Wireless Networks for their Business and Home-based work. Although, Still there are more Hacking Tricks, Softwares and A lot of techniques used by professional hackers to crack the Wifi Network easily. For that reason, I was decided to teach you “How to Hack Any Wifi Network” and “How to safeguard your Wifi Network from Others.”

First of all, we will talk about How to Safeguard your WIFI Network from others. To do so, you need to know how the router works and what are the security vulnerabilities available.

There are three types of Encryption Available in Wireless Router.

  1. WEP
  2. WPA
  3. WPA2

To Safeguard Your Wireless Router. You must select the Encryption type as WPA on your Router Settings. Normally, To Enter into your Router Admin Panel Settings. Open Your Browser and Type “ or” and Hit Enter. If your Router Wireless Security Encryption is in WEP or WPA2. I recommend you to select Security Encryption as WPA.

WPA stands for WI-FI Protected Access. Others will not easily crack this type of Encryption. But, Still, there are more ways to hack through Kali Linux OS. Here is the Easy Guide on How To Download and Install Kali Linux on Android Phone

Recommended Tools To Hack WI-FI Network through Kali Linux: –

  • Kali Linux OS with air crack-ng suite and Wifite tool Installed
  • WI-FI Reciever Adapter or In-built WI-FI

How To Hack Wifi Password of Any Network Using Android Phone: – (No Root Required)

  • First of all, Download WPS WPA Tester APK from the Google Play Store. Then, Complete the Installation Process and Run the APK. This App has a Premium Version Also. To Get that Comment below with your Mail ID.

How To Hack Wifi Using Wifi Wpa Tester Premium

  • The App will ask permission from the user and Grant the Permission by selecting “I Agree.”

Wifi Wps Wpa Tester Wifi hack neighbour

  • Scan for Nearby WI-FI and select any Network of your Friend or Neighbour

wifi password hacker

  • You choose your favorite hacking method. Whether it may Bruteforce or Automatic Pin Method.

Download the Premium Version of WPS WPS Tester from here:

Conclusion: –

I have been using this software for more than two years. Still, I have not found any issue using this Application on my Android Phone, and this trick is 100% working. Where ever I go, This App helps me to get connected to any WI-Fi Network.

Note: – I will use this App for Urgent Works and not all the time. Try and use it for educational purpose. Stay Tuned for More Hacking and Tech Updates

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