How to Install Windows 10/8.1/8/7 on Your Android Phone

Guide to install Windows 10/8/7 on your Android device:-

So, Do you want to install Windows 10/8/7 on your Android phone? Then, you’re in the right place. Today, we are going to show how to install Windows on your Android device so that you can surprise your friends, neighbors, or even your family members.

If you don’t have Desktop/laptop, but you want to experience or try-out Windows operating system (OS) on your Android phone. Then, follow this tutorial until the end.

How to Install Windows 10/8/7 on Android Device?

To Install and run Windows operating system on your Android Phone. You need to follow the steps given below.

1. Download and install the Bochs app from Playstore.

Developer: Lyubomyr Lisen
Price: Free

2. Open the app once the installation gets completed.

3. Download Windows 10/8 ISO image file from the Microsoft Windows official site – Click here

4. Open Bochs app; select the downloaded Windows ISO image file in the ata0-master option.

5. In the hardware tab, Select your Chipset, CPU model, and allocate RAM.

6. Once done, Tap on the “Start” button in the top right corner and wait for a few minutes.

7. Now, You can see your device is running on a Windows operating system.

Final verdict: –

I hope you liked this short tutorial on how to install Windows 10/8/7 operating system on the Android phone. If it helped you, do share this article on social media with your friends. Also, comment below if you have any queries regarding the installation. Keep visiting our site for more tutorials like this.

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