[APK Download] How to Make Phone Look Like Pixel 2 in Less than 3 Minutes

Quick Way to Make Phone look like Pixel 2: –

Most of them asking me to post an article on how to change the look of a non-pixel device to Pixel 2/Pixel 2 XL. So, Today I came up with a new article to make your Android Phone look like Google Pixel 2. As we all know, Recently Google has launched its new devices into the competitive market, and those devices got some unique features that can only be used in it. But, Today I am going to share a Google Pixel 2 Launcher where you can get Pixel experience and feel while using it on your Smartphone.

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So, What for you are waiting? Let’s get started

Previously, we have discussed the Top ways to Make your Android Phone look like Pixel 2. Now, We are going to talk the same topic but, in a different way using a Pixel 2 Modded Launcher.

This Launcher is only supported for the devices which are having Android Nougat (7.0) or above version. Also, This launcher helps you to pack the Google now Panel. So, you can swipe to the left to see the cards and other news related stuff. If you wish to download the launcher. Click the button below and start downloading.

If you’re not satisfied with the modded launcher and you want to taste the total pixel 2 experience. Then, you need to download Nova launcher and configure it like a Google Pixel 2. Before moving to the guide, you need some prerequisites apps.

Prerequisites Applications before installing Nova Launcher: –

The apps listed below must be downloaded and installed on your phone for the easy customization.

Download all these now..!!

How to Make Phone look like Pixel 2 using Noval Launcher: –

  1. Download and Install the Nova Launcher file from the above-given link and make sure you have downloaded the backup settings file which is given along with the Launcher link. If not downloaded, Check the link above.

Make your Phone look like Pixel 2

2. Now, Open Nova Launcher Prime and Go to “Nova Settings” and Then click on “Backup & Import settings.” After selecting the option. Tap on “Manage and Restore Option.” Then, Select the downloaded Backup settings file from your download manager or file manager.

3. After selecting the backup settings file. The Nova Launcher will show the Pop-up saying “Delete Current Layout.” Click on “OK” button and continue. This option will delete the existing layout and Restore the layout from the downloaded backup settings up which we have given the link above to download it on your phone.

4. Now, Go back to Home Screen. There you can see the live Pixel 2 look applied on your phone. Don’t leave this page now. Still, we are missing the Navigation bar and Calender widget features. To configure those, follow the next step

Features of Pixel 2 using Apps: –

5. To set-up Google Pixel 2 Wallpapers, I have given the download link of the wallpapers which has dozens of the Pixel 2 wallpapers saved in it. Open the downloaded file and choose any of your favorite Wallpaper and apply it on your phone based on the color you have.

6. To set-up widget, Download Another-widget from the above link and open the app after the installation process. Now, it will ask some permission, tap on “Allow” and continue. The app will show some options. You can change the widget settings and design according to your needs.

7. To Configure Navigation bars like Pixel, You need to download and install “Pixel Navigation bar” app on your phone. Then, Turn ON the toggle to see the options. Configure it as per your need. It is the must required app when it comes to Emergency, or you want to capture an image quickly by tapping the navigation buttons on your Phone.

Final verdict: –

Yes, We have discussed the guide on “How to Make Phone look like Pixel 2”. I hope you loved this article, share with your friends and let them know and comment below if you have any issues installing or share some other features you see to be added in this article.

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