Meesho App Review: Earn Money From Your Home In A Legit Way

Meesho App Review:

So, Are you interested in earning money working at home with zero investment?

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Are you a housewife having enough time at home and planning to start a business? Or Are you the college student who is struggling to earn a few bucks in your pocket to buy something?

I know that you’re so curious to earn some bucks from your home in your free time. But, you don’t know the legit and trusted source to get started, Right? Then this article turns all your worries into happiness. Yes, You heard it right. You can bury all your sorrows and earn money from your phone. And, All you can do legitimately and trusted.

You would have heard of Meesho App from your friend, colleague or from somewhere else in social media and you wanted to know how the app works and how you can make some money at home without going outside. Right? That’s why you’re in this article reading about the Meesho App Review.

So, Before wasting much time. Let’s dive into some introduction and discuss how the App works and How you can make up to 20-30k INR/per month with the Meesho App using your smartphone.

Meesho App – Introduction:

meesho app - homepage

Meesho is the Reselling platform app with over 1 crore+ active installs from the Play store across India. So, What is Meesho? How it is going to help you to make some money. And, This is what running in your mind from a few minutes, Right? Then, scroll the page.

Here are the requirements that you need before getting started:

  • A smartphone with an Active internet connection.
  • Active participation in social media.
  • Enough amount of patience.

How does it work?

As we already knew, Meesho is the Reselling platform app where it sells thousands of wholesale products to the customers with the help of resellers. You might be thinking, Who is the reseller? And the answer is “YOU.” Yes, You’re going to sell the products to your customers, and you’re the reseller of the product, And, that too with ZERO investment and you don’t need to buy or deliver any of the products that you’re going to sell.

Let me be more clear and precise to you.

Meesho is having thousands of products from home & kitchen equipment to clothes. You can sell any of the products that you wish to sell. Your friends, family members will be your customers. You can share various products through WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media accounts like Instagram.

If you already an influencer and you’re having massive followers. Then, you are good to start now.

You might be thinking, How sharing products in various WhatsApp and Facebook groups could help you earn money. Let me clear your point with a straightforward example.

Let’s say you’re sharing a T-shirt with different colors and brands to your friend. And, Your friend liked one of the T-shirts and told to make an order. The actual cost of the T-shirt will be (INR). And, You decided to sell it for (INR). And, your profit margin has now become Now you have earned 200 INR with just one order from your friend.

Simple Calculation:

The Actual T-shirt Cost:

Your profit Margin:

The total amount needed to pay by your friend: 

Meesho takes the money of the product ( and returns you after the successful delivery of the product.

As an example, I said profit margin. If you decide to sell it for, then your profit will be

It is as simple as you think. This is how it works.

Now, Let’s see how you can deliver the product to your friend.

Delivering the Product to your customers/destination:

Now, You have decided the profit margin in your mind that you want to make a profit out of it. Now, You need to add the product (T-shirt) in your cart.

Ask your friend about the delivery address for the shipment of the product. You can either choose COD (Cash On Delivery) or another payment option as per your comforts.

Now, It usually takes 7-8 days for shipping to the address. Once your friend pays the money to the delivery man. Then, within a few days, you could see the profit margin amount in your Meesho App account.

Some tips that help to grow your business:

  1. In the initial days, It would be tougher to get some customers. So, It’s better to start with your friends and family members and sell the products to them.
  2. You can join various WhatsApp groups, or you can create one for your business And share all the details of the product to the people. So, they can reach out to you and share it with others easily.

Let’s say you sell 5 T-shirts/day with a profit margin of 200.Rs. Then, 5*200 = 1000.Rs. So, in this way, you can easily earn per day and 30,000.Rs/month sitting in your room.

How to create Meesho App and Become a Reseller:

  1. Download the Android app from this link.
  2. Now, Open the app and Enter your phone number and other personal details to sign up.
  3. After creating an account, You could see various products. You choose the one and share it with your friends and make some bucks out of it with the profit margin you create.
  4. Enjoy Selling! All the Best.

Note: If the customer returns the product after the successful delivery.  Then, the Profit margin amount will not be added to your account.


  • Responsive Interface.
  • Easy to access.
  • ZERO investment.
  • No need to buy products/deliver. Meesho Team will manage everything.


The Active resellers have complained that Meesho sometimes delivers the wrong/defect product to the customers And so it affects your customer base. It is the primary drawback. Plus, Poor Customer support. I hope the Meesho will take some action against this issue.

Final verdict:

I hope this article on “Meesho App Review” helped you to get started your home business from now. If it did, then let me know in the comment section below. Also, share this article with your friends and help them with this reselling app Meesho.

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