OK Google Commands: The Complete List

OK Google Commands: –

OK Google” command was initially being developed to help Android users to perform few tasks by just verbally commanding it just the way you do while addressing a human. But with strong competitors like Siri and Cortana who could not only perform their basic but also were capable of having interactive chats with their users, Ok Google realized the need to be upgraded. Moreover, these competitors had a name by which their users can address them. And hence in 2016 Ok Google took rebirth as Google Assistant.

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The Assistant intelligently responses to the words thrown by the users and is savagely sarcastic. It has been developed to entertain, interact and also to guide and help time to time. But interactively chatting is not what Google Assistant is meant for. There are many Google Assistant commands that you can use take the maximum out of the Assistant.

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Top Picked OK Google Commands of 2018: –

Here is a list of some of the most useful Ok Google commands along with their functions.

Get Greetings and weather details:

Let Google Assistant be the first one to wish you in the morning along with a brief specification about the weather this day. All you have to tell is “Good Morning.” Same applies to the evening and afternoon wishes.

Call me “Tom.”:

Google assistant is well aware of your name, but you can ask Assistant to use a nickname while addressing you. Simply say “call me (nickname),” for example- “call me my lord,” and the next time your assistant addresses you, you will hear “Good morning My Lord.”

Wake me up at 9 a.m.

Google Assistant can wake you up at the time you prefer. Say “Wake me up at 9 a.m.,” and your alarm will be set automatically. You can customize your alarm day by saying wake me up at 5 pm daily or wake me up at 6 pm tonight.

Flip a coin or roll a die:

Stuck in some confusion and not finding your pennies, well with Assistant you always have one to toss but not to spend. Similarly, if you are all set with your friends to play a board game but your die has already decided to play hide and seek with you then Google Assistant is your only savior in that situation.

Tune your Guitar:

Throw words like “tune my instrument” and tune your guitar with Google assistant easily. This way you will not require any tuner or a specific App for this. Commands like play a flat also works well.

Get your sports scores:

Missed a match on TV? Assistant is there at your service to help you get updated by asking who won the test series yesterday? Or How many runs were secured in the over?

Recite a “poem “:

Reading a poem is good but to have it read by someone is pleasurable and Gh Google Assistant can do that for you.

Just ask the same while you are relaxing somewhere all by yourself. Just open it and tell “recite a poem” and be prepared for some of the classic poems by renowned authors.

Make your Google Assistant sing a song:

The Google Assistant can kill your boredom by singing a song for you by making its lyrics and puns in them. You can also specify the which you want to listen like happy birthday, etc

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Ask your Assistant to brief you about your day:

How does my day look like? Or What is the schedule for today? Google Assistant is developed to brief you about your day with greetings of the day, your commute information, reminders, programs and user-customized News Briefing.

Toggle Commands:

As already mentioned Google assistant’s prime job is to help Android users to set, change or perform any task without actually doing so

Add items to your shopping list:

Preparing a shopping list is more difficult than the actual shopping, and Google Assistant is hence very helpful here.

Just ask Google Assistant to add items to your shopping list and have your list made in Google Keep. In case you remember something later, ask your assistant to add items to the shopping list.

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Google Assistant can remember things for you:

Because a Human may forget but a human-generated Assistant won’t and hence can be relied upon. From file locations to essential documents or keys, Google Assistant can be asked to remember anything.

Health and Fitness Commands:

Whether you’re looking for medical advice, beauty tips, a virtual workout partner or just need help to calm down your stress levels at the end of a long day, these commands have got you covered.

  • Talk to Virtual Nurse
  • I want to talk to WebMD
  • Talk to Fitness Tips
  • Talk to Beauty Companion
  • Talk to Nike Coach
  • Ask Relax Guru to help me relax
  • Talk to Life Meter
  • Ask Fitbit Coach for exercises
  • Talk to Calorie Tracker
  • Talk to Breathing Exercises

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Google Game Commands:

Google Assistant lets you play some delightful games like trivia, musical chairs, turn-based adventures where you can immerse yourself in an interactive world. Here are few of those commands:

  • Play a game with my family
  • Talk to Psychology Trivia
  • Let’s play SongPop
  • Let’s play Movie Trivia
  • Play Freeze Dance
  • Play Musical Chairs
  • Play Tic-tac-toe
  • Talk to Rogue’s Choice
  • Play Animal Trivia
  • Let’s play Jungle Adventure
  • Mad Libs

Get nostalgic with your old pictures:

Want to travel through your memories captured in your handset? But scrolling all the way down to your album sound very tedious. So Google Assistant can help you with this.

Just say “Show me old pics of December,” and Assistant will do the same. One thing you must note here is that this command only works if you use Google photos.

Get suggested about vacation spots:

If you require a Travel planner to decide for your next vacation? Then make Google Assistant as your full-time planner. “Which is an awesome place to visit this December” Or “What are some great vacation ideas?” are some commands which will do the needful.

Get motivated:

Want some motivational lines to level up your self-esteem? Let Google Assistant do that for you. Just say “OK Google, get me a motivational quote,” and see what you get.

Final Words: –

I hope you enjoyed reading the article. If you did like, Please share it with your friends on social media as well as let us know which is your favorite command among all in the comment section below, Keep visiting our site for more tech news until then signing off, Good Bye!

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