Top 10 TheWatchSeries Alternatives for Streaming Your Favorite Shows and Movies

TheWatchSeries Alternatives: –

In today’s busy world, sometimes there is no time for leisure and entertainment. Because of heavy work schedules and deadlines, the first thing that many give up is entertainment. So if you are a regular watcher of TV series or shows, there are surely many occasions when you might have missed on the episodes, thereby losing on the continuity.

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However, there is no need to get upset. You can catch up on the lost episodes or watch the series. This is made possible because of the developments in technology, especially in the field of entertainment. Today entertainment and internet go hand in hand to give you the best. So you can watch the series online for free. Today for any good thing, there are many duplicates as well. So it makes sense to discuss thewatchseries and also what are the alternatives.

Why Do you Need It?

First of all, today there are many websites which claim to offer the latest in TV shows. Some are absolutely free, whereas some others might charge a nominal fee. But the fact is that there might be some issues regarding it, such as poor video quality or interruptions of many advertisements and so on. So after downloading the app and then not able to watch series is very distressing and upsetting.

So in this article, we will consider a few points regarding TheWatchSeries:

  • This can be considered as one of the best under the Watch Series free online website.
  • It is one of those unique streaming websites that provide a lot of movies and TV shows absolutely free.  And the important part is that it has a completely ad-free interface.
  • This site offers the viewers the opportunity to watch the shows which they have missed out earlier.  They can watch the shows without any disturbances or difficulties as it gets loaded quickly.
  • All that the viewer needs to do is to type the series name in the search box.  Select the series number which you had missed out earlier. It is so simple.

Features You Need to Know!

The website also provides other features such as tracking the favorite series, video links. And it even has the option to let others know what you’re watching by allowing you to share that information on social media.

That’s not all; it is easy to search for what series you are exactly looking as for as they are all neatly organized and categorized in the Alphabetic order. Plus, the other necessary details, such as the number of seasons, IMDB rating, and content quality, are mentioned for easy selection.

Thewatchseries website is a great choice, especially for those viewers who want to watch movies of other countries such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, American, and Indian, and so on. Most of the series is available in the dubbed language that is English. This makes it the most loved site by millions around the world.

How to Access Website?

To make it very simple, mentioned below are some of the steps on how to use the site.

  1. Firstly, visit the website as per the link that is
  2. Then in the search column, type out the content that you are looking for.
  3. Once the results are shown, select the one you want to watch, and you either watch it by downloading it or streaming it.
  4. That’s how simple it is.

Is It Safe To Use?

Because the entertainment offered is free, many might have doubts about safety. The “thewatchseries” website is very safe and secure. However, also make sure to visit the original site and not the mirror sites as these might cause some damage.

Sometimes, however, thewatchseries may not work properly on some devices. In addition, because of its growing popularity, the website has now added many ads and links. These can be quite irritating and disturbing to the viewers. So, for this reason, too many are looking for alternatives. At such times there is no need to be disappointed as there are some suitable alternatives available for thewatchseries.

Top 10 TheWatchSeries Alternatives: –

Explore Our Top Picks for Online Streaming Sites Like

1. Solarmovie:

solarmovie - alternative to thewatchseries

If an ad-free, registration free entertainment channel is what you are looking for, then the Solarmovie is the right channel for you. It offers a vast collection of TV shows, movies and other entertainment shows which are offered free.

The striking feature of this website is that it has the provision for searching movies countries wise such as India, Japan, Korea, and the United Kingdom, and so on. The sections are neatly classified by their various genres, such as Fiction, Thrillers, and Action and the likes. It is a good alternative to thewatchseries and usually comes up first in the search list.

2. CouchTuner:

couchtuner - alternative to thewatchseries

As the name itself aptly suggests, this website is very user-friendly and has all the TV shows. These are frequently updated. Here too, no prior sign up or registration is required.  Just visit the Couchtuner website and watch all the favorite shows. In some countries such as Australia, Canada, this website may not work due to certain restrictions. So it may be beyond the reach of many.

To access this site in the restricted countries. You could connect to the VPN network.


gomoviesclub - alternatives to thewatchseries

If you search for a good alternative to thewatchseries, then another streaming website that pops up is the Gomoviesclub. With just one click of a button, you can select the movie and enjoy it immediately. There is no registration or sign up formalities to be completed as the site offers free movies to watch. However, one prerequisite is that the adobe flash player or any similar player needs to be installed first. It is a very good alternative and so can be recommended to others.

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4. 123movies:

123movies - alternative to thewatchseries

When it comes to watching movies or shows on your mobile device, then this can be considered as one of the best movie streaming devices. It allows viewers to watch movies and shows for free in great video quality such as HD. So it also is an excellent alternative for thewatchseries

5. Hotstar:

hotstar - thewatchseries alternative

This is one of the famous sites, and the name instantly comes to mind whenever online streaming is referred to.   This has become very popular, especially in India, because it offers great features to watch series. For instance, popular series are shown in HBO channels, etc. can be watched and also the popular series Game of Thrones.

As an added attraction, it also offers movies, videos, songs, etc. To describe its interface, it is also user-friendly, with all shows neatly organized into separate categories. So the viewer does not have to waste any time searching for the favorite series. The plus point is that Hotstar, too, offers a mobile app for Android and iOS users. Not only that, it has free and premium versions so that the viewer can decide on the most suitable option.

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6. Yes-movies:

Yes! Movies

This is another Watch series free online site. The primary attraction of this site is that it streams popular TV series such as the Game of Thrones. Herein too the series categories are all mentioned clearly so that so it becomes easier to select the series you want to watch.

The noteworthy feature is that it has a user-friendly interface and a thumbnail display. Also, there are not many ads or banners shown in between the video so you can enjoy the series uninterrupted and without any disturbance. Many have rated the watch series as one of the best, especially when it comes to great video quality and content.

7. TubiTV:

tubi tv - thewatchseries alternative

This is a great online website wherein you can get to watch the series and also watch movies as well. It has all the popular, trending, and most viewed shows. The list is updated frequently so that you can watch all the series without missing out on any episodes.

If you like to go on a continuous spree of watching episodes, then this is the best. So all that is required of you is to register yourself on their website and then get ready for the watch series. In fact, users have remarked that the new design and layout are great, especially when compared with other paid services such as Amazon Prime and Netflix.

The noteworthy feature of this site is that it allows the users to create a watch list of the favorite shows. This, in turn, makes it easier to suggest similar shows based on your interests. Another point worth mentioning is that it has a no-frills based simple interface with distinct categories for each genre, such as Action, Comedy, Drama, and so on.

The collection too is enviable as it has about 40,000+ shows and movies all together with new ones being added regularly. The younger generation might prefer this Tubi because it has a separate app for Android and iOS.  So they can download and watch their favorite series anytime and anywhere on the go.

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8. Vudu:

vudu - thewatchseries alternative

This channel provides lots of TV shows and movies absolutely free. As of today, there are about 300+ shows which the viewer can stream. Plus, there is a great option of renting out the TV series which you want to watch but is not available under the free service. Vudu is a Walmart service. There are some options to redeem cards and save up on some money on some great offers. All this and much more make Vudu a service which needs to be tried out

9. Popcornflix:

popcornflix - alternative to thewatchseries

This website is right now available only in a few countries such as the United States, Canada, etc. However, there are plans to add more countries. This website streams independent feature films and has them clearly classified under various categories such as Action, Comedy, and Horror, and so on.

There is another section named Viral Vids, which has the best of videos in the year 2019. Another section worth mentioning is the new arrivals section. This has the list of the latest movies and shows which have been added recently. So this offers great convenience of finding the right movies and shows without wasting any time.

10. TVMuse:


Just like thewatchseries, this, too, is another wonderful website. The movies and TV shows are listed alphabetically and are also classified under various categories. A unique feature is that this website contains some of the famous American web series of the 90s.

Another feature is that there is the option to watch a small trailer and get a synopsis of the movie that you want to watch. The contents are regularly updated.

However, to use this website, the user has to login using the email id and password. But the experience afterward is outstanding. There is uninterrupted streaming of the shows or movies that you have selected. So once you choose this website, you will undoubtedly remark that it is a good alternative to thewatchseries.

Frequently Asked Questions: –

What is TheWatchseries? is a free entertainment website where users can watch TV Shows and Movies in Full HD
Is it Legal to access TheWatchseries?
No, It’s not legal as it has been distributing various TV shows and Movies for Free to the users without permission of the creator.
How to Access TheWatchSeries site in my country?
Many internet service providers have blocked access to the website as per the Govt. order. If you still have an urge to visit, You can use any private VPNs or proxy servers.
Is it safe to use?
Yes, It is absolutely safe. They have plenty of movie collections.
How to Get rid of Advertisements?
The only source of revenue for Thewatchseries website is through running Ads. If you want to get rid of those Ads, You can use Ad-blockers extension on your browser.
Can I download Videos from TheWatchseries?
Yes, You can download it for free. You will find a download button below the content on the website.


This list is not absolute, as there are frequent changes in these sites. This is partly due to the legal actions that are conducted from time to time. Because of copyright issues and other encroachment fringes and so on, many sites have been maligned. Hence you may have to switch to any one of the alternatives mentioned above so that you can continue to stream and watch your favorite shows online. Also, some of these websites will have some small ads popping in between.

However, they will not interrupt or spoil your viewing experience.  In order to void any legal trouble, it is always better to invest in a good premium VPN.  However, they cost a lot of money and may sometimes affect the download speed as well. Also, another point to keep a note of is that sometimes the downloaded movies or web series might not work. The reason could be compatibility issues.  In such situations, the best option is to download the Free Video Converter. Why is this required? This will convert the video formats that is, the downloaded videos that can be converted into MP4, AVI, and MOV, and so on. Plus, this works at amazing speed so that you do not waste any time.

As an end note, just visit any of the above-listed websites and enjoy movies in your leisure time.  There is no need to worry about any fishy downloads as the above sites are the best alternatives to the thewatchseries.

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