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SnapSave APK Latest Version Free Download:

So, Do you want to download the SnapChat Stories, Photos, and Videos on your Phone? But, don’t know how to do it? Then, Here we have the solution to this problem. SnapSave: It is the app which lets you download SnapChat Videos, Stories and Photos right away from your Android device. Most of them are struggling to download their favorite SnapChat images & Stories on their phone. instead of that, they are taking screenshots of the images and saving it on their phone memory. But, this process consumes a lot of time. For that reason, SnapSave has entered into the field to make it simpler to the SnapChat users.

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Why do we need to Download SnapSave For Android?

As we all know, SnapChat doesn’t allow the users to download the stories and images from the app. Even if we save, it will be notified to the sender. Also, the photos will disappear after few minutes of opening. So, that is the reason we should download this app to make it as simple as possible.

We can say that SnapSave app is the best alternative to the SnapChat. Unfortunately, This app is not available in the play store to download. But, It doesn’t mean that it is harmful. There are plenty of reasons behind the removal of this app from the Play Store. But, the most suitable reason is copyright. Yes, you heard it right. For being against to the program policies of Play store the app has been thrown out. Well, the other most suitable reason is that this app has same features as the official SnapChat app. So, it means it is not acceptable as per the Terms and Conditions of the Google Play store. Because the SnapSave has quite similar interface with extra features added to it.

App NameSnapSave
App Size4.08 MB
Last UpdatedDec 24, 2017


Features of SnapSave For Android: –

  • It can save images, Videos, and stories from the Snapchat app.
  • No Root access required
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • The sender won’t be notified for saving images,
  • The SnapSave latest version is capable of downloading Snapchat stories.

These are some of the exciting features available on the SnapSave app, especially for SnapChat lovers. If you’re one among them, then you should try it on your phone. So, before moving to the installation. There are some prerequisites you should follow.

Pros: –
  • Quick download
  • Available for free
  • low app Size
Cons: –
  • ads will float around the app.

Prerequisites to Use SnapSave App: –

Your device should satisfy some of the requirements before installing this app on your Android device.

  1. proper internet connection
  2. SnapSaver APK
  3. Android Version 3.0+

I know, Most of them will get confused whether the app is compatible with their device or not. So, that is cause to mention pre-requirements. Another most raised question is, Whether the device should be rooted to install the app? No, You no need of any root access to install and use the SnapSave App on your Android device. I hope your basic questions have got proper answers. If not, Let me know in the comment section below.

How to Install SnapSave Apk on Android device: –

If you’re a hardcore Android user, you might come up with the installation of a third-party app from the download manager. But, Still, most of them are striving to install the app from the external source. So, this installation guide is for newbie Android users. If you know, How to install, Then, skip this process and jump to the conclusion part.

  1. Download the SnapSave APK From here: – 
  2. Then, Go to Settings >> Security >> Check the Unknown Sources Option.
  3. Go to Download Folder and Click on the SnapSaver App and Click Install.


SnapSabe app installation
Click on Install and open the app.

4. If you’re done with installation. Click on Open, and It will show some of the cool features of it, Skip that and Allow access to everything.

snapsaver access

5. Now, you can see the beautiful interface of SnapSave App.

SnapSave UI

6. So, now you can see different icons which labeling different actions. Once you click on the Camera icon and Tap on Yellow Play button, it will start running the app in the background. You have to go to the SnapChat and click on the Camera icon to save your images instantly. Once you’re done with capturing you can access it from Gallery.

Finally, we have gone through the installation process. This is how we can install the SnapSave Apk on the android device. If you’re not familiar using it, You can directly ask me in the comment section or else follow us on Facebook and get a quick response from us.

Final verdict: –

We hope you’re satisfied with the SnapSave Apk. Whenever you want to download the latest version, you can get it from here. Also, Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and let them know how to save your SnapChat stories on their Android phone. If you see any similar app better than this then, let me know in the comment section. We will discuss it in another post.

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