How To Make Chrome Faster In 2017?

As we already knew, Google Chrome is the best browser for Windows PC as well as for Android Smartphone. Today on Androidstrike I am posting a technical stuff on, How to Speed up Chrome without any software or extension. Moving on to the everyday life, Internet has been playing a familiar role in our daily basis. Google Chrome is also one of that part of it. We can’t Surf on the Internet without any browser. There are a lot of browsers are available in the Market like Google Play Store and  Windows Store.

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What is Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is the clean and minimal web browser which was officially designed and developed by Google  (Teammates and Co-workers).  Most of the people use Chrome because to surf on the internet Easier, Faster and Safer. Although, Chrome requires a lot of RAM usage. It may affect the user by decreasing 75% of the speed of the browser or Internet

In the present era, Every user has unique smartphone and Chrome browser installed in it. As far now, Most of the users searching on the web. ” How to increase the speed of Google Chrome browser to speed up my downloads”?. So, I am here with Top 10 Tricks to help you on loading Chrome browser Faster. Previously, I have shared about Android Multi Tools to Unlock Pattern/PIN lock without erasing Data.

Advantages of using Google Chrome: –

  • It has secure browsing with various useful options.
  • Google Chrome is available for Each and Every platform (Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS)
  • Thread free, No Ads, Incognito Mode for private search (No history and passwords will be saved).
  • We can add extensions on Desktop view and not yet launched for Mobile mode.
  • Data Limit is available to control your Internet usage.
  • Below, We will see further more details about Chrome and How to speed it up..! (Speed up Chrome)

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speed up chrome

How To Speed Up Chrome Browser?

I have tested this tips with my Chrome browser, and Some of the tricks have been crashed my Browser. Those tips, Not shared here not to give bad user experience to users like you. If you’re ready for Speed Up Tips. Let’s get started to Make Chrome faster.


#1. Keep Your Google Chrome Up-to-date: –

If you’re using the older version of Google Chrome. Then, There are more chances for getting slower internet. Because The files like scripts and Flash player will be updated once a week and Chrome will lose the ability to support those files.

Make sure that you have Updated Chrome browser. Recently, In the latest version of Android mobile chrome update. Developers has solved a bunch of bug fixes and published on the Play store. Now, There is no lack of heavy RAM Usage.

To update your Chrome browser manually or to check for the new updates. Search for chrome://help“. Refer the image below for more information.

Google chrome check for updates

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#2. Avoid Installing Unwanted Extensions: –

To prevent unwanted extension. Follow my steps.

  1. Type “chrome://extensions” on the Address bar
  2. It will show the extensions that you have previously installed it in your Chrome browser.
  3. Only Enable Rated and useful extensions. Disable rest of them. This will make you surf the internet faster without pinging any Chrome extension.
  4. There are few types of extensions like search bars or marked as spam extensions Which are used to earn money from advertisers. So, Please don’t encourage that kind of Extensions on your Chrome.

Google chrome faster tips to speed up

 #3. Disable DNS Preloading: –

Are you questioning yourself about DNS Preloading? It is nothing but, An another great technique to speed up Chrome browser by disabling DNS Preloading. How does it work? This is the wonderful feature given by Google on Chrome browser. It works based on the cache. If you enter into one site. T browser will save the name servers of the particular domain and saved as a cache, and it is similar to “cached data.”

You can enable this Feature by following the steps given below.

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Go to settings –>> Advanced settings –>> Privacy 

You can see two options

  • Web service to help resolve navigation error.
  • Use the prediction service to help complete search.

Uncheck both the boxes if it Checked. This type of trick will also help the chrome to run the faster internet. Refer image if you’re confused.

speed up chrome by disbaling DNS preloading

#4. Choose Default Theme: -(Speed up Chrome)

We have already discussed that Google Chrome eats a lot of RAM usage even it is on PC or Smartphone. If you decide a High-End theme. It will affect the loading time of the browser. To open a single page, it takes a lot of time. Time is precious If gone it will not come again. So, Never waste it. I highly recommend you to choose always Default theme for a browser.

If you want to reset to the Default settings. Go to Chrome Settings –>> Appearance –>> Reset to Default Theme.

Speed up chrome by choosing default theme

Follow the image above as an Image Guide to Reset Theme to default. It is also Another method or Trick to Faster the Chrome browser.

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#5. Disable the Image Content: –

Disabling the Images on the Chrome will make your browser 200% faster. Because If you are searching for some useful guidance. The site will appear will proper images and content. If you disable the Image content. The Chrome will not show you the Image and the site loads faster, and Mobile data will be saved.

Most of the users will not like this Trick. Because No guide will be awful without Images. The site Images will give more information than the Content.

Conclusion: –

The above given Top 5 tricks will work perfectly to speed up chrome. Please share it with your friends and relatives and give them a surprise by increasing the rate of the browser. For More info, Bookmark this page for Latest Technology guides and Tricks. If you have any question related to this topic. Please ping me below in the comment section. I will be waiting for your response

Stay Tuned..!!

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