How to Take Good Selfies (With Images)

Take Good Selfies: -Did you Agree?, Clicking on a selfie image need some art? If you Agree with it, Then, My Answer will be “No“. Taking a good selfie doesn’t require any art or creativity. Just control your angle, Posture, and the main thing is, always keep smiling :-). Nowadays, The scenarios have changed a lot. People are taking Selfie images and Posting on their social media Profile. To take a Good selfie, there are some of the points you should consider to aware of dislikes, that we will discuss below.

In this present era, Everything has become advanced. Even, smartphones are getting the special setting for clicking a good selfie that completes your task bit easier. So, Today you’re going to learn some lessons from this Guide. Also, Follow the guide without skipping any part. Without wasting much time, Here are the best tips which one should follow and keep in mind while snapping a perfect selfie.

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How to Take Good Selfies: –

1. Try Capturing with a Good Angle: –

Good Angle plays a significant role when it comes to perfect Selfie image. Try figuring out different perspectives on your phone or Camera. The one main thing, you should remember when you practice clicking on various angles.

how to take a selfie

Different aspects in a sense: – Different people have different size of a body and shape. So, I can’t decide the perfect angle, and also I have no guarantee, that Angle suits your body. So, Choose wisely according to your shape.

Pro Tip: – When you click a head-on selfie. Don’t look at the camera lens. It may hurt your eyes when flash falls on it, and one tip you should keep in mind when clicking a head-on shot is, “Keeping the head slight low and look at the ground far away“. This Angle might help people to take a perfect selfie shot with their phone or camera.

2. Show some Valuable Stuff: –

Clicking the selfie with some valuable object makes the people like more, than a standard selfie. Try to hold something on your hand or wear something valuable and show-off the people by clicking a selfie and sharing it on social profiles. Or else, Try clicking the image with celebrities or even with your pets.

how to take a selfie

Hold your puppy in your hand, And Hold your Phone on the contrary. If you don’t own a pet, Then, Replace the place with another object. People give more importance to the objects than your appearance (Scientifically proven). Nowadays, taking a selfie while eating something on the bed goes viral on the internet.

3. To Take Good Selfies – Use Good Camera/Smartphone: –

Good angles and Showing Stuff doesn’t worth if you don’t pay attention to the Quality camera. So, Good Camera also plays the significant role in this selfie chapter. These days the smartphones are designed and equipped with a good quality camera and enabled selfie mode. Even, The High-Quality camera is processing the image in the form of selfies.

how to take better selfies

So, This camera quality attracts the people to look at the picture you have uploaded. Also, Some of them will zoom into the image to check the merits of the photo.

4. Choose the beautiful Background: –

Choosing a beautiful or colourful background is also the essential factor that 85 per cent of the people will not consider it while snapping a good-looking selfie. Not only your appearance, but You also have to keep an eye on beautiful background sceneries. This helps the people to look around you at an image.

Background selfie

Whether you are inside or outside. Choose the best-looking background. Position yourself first and then focus on the background. Keep smiling and Snap a shot. Preferred Place for an outdoor selfie: Nature

5. Add Few more People to your Selfie: –

People might get bored of seeing your face again and again. Even, you can be a celebrity or someone else. People hesitate to look at it and swipe the feed and look for another. So, For a small change. Add few more people to your selfies and don’t forget to remember all the four points which I have said above. Now, Post it on your social media. Then, you can notice the difference in people’s engagement before and After.

Group selfies

Conclusion: –

A modern case study unveiled that 70 to 90 percent of the celebrities who are active on their Social media accounts have uploaded the selfies thrice in a week. So, Taking selfies goes trendy these days. So, what for you are looking? Follow these five tips to Take Good Selfies in upcoming days.

I hope you loved this article. If you have any other tip which worth, Let us know in the comment section below. Also, Do share this article for more insights.

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