Windows Error 8/8.1/10 “There was a problem Resetting Your PC” (Fixed)

Most of the Windows Users are getting this issue “There was a problem Resetting Your PC“. Usually, Windows will take care of booting problem and troubleshoot the issue using Automatic Repair tool. Sometimes, the Repair tool fails to fix the Problem and Shows the error dialog box that Windows was unable to solve the problem. At that time, The user will search on the Internet and gets disappointed. To make the user happy and to resolve the Problem. You must follow this guide until the end.

Go through this Step-by-step Guide. You will be able to Reset your PC without any Problem, and again you can Reinstall Windows 8/8.1/10

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There are two methods to fix this issue. But, the 1st method is so popular, and it works 100%.

Fix error “There was a problem Resetting Your PC” (Problem Solved): –

  1. First, You have to enter into Recovery Mode in your Win 8/8.1/10. To Enter Into Recovery mode. Go to settings >> Update and Security >> Scroll down and Choose Recovery. Then, Tap on Advanced Startup and Click Restart Now button.

Settings >> Recoverymode >> Troubleshoot

2. Then, Select Troubleshoot and Click on Advanced Options. (See the image for reference)

Troubleshoot and click on Advanced options

3. Try to restore your PC back to normal condition by clicking on System Restore and Select a Restore Point. If the problem is not solved, Continue Clicking on Command Prompt.

Command Prompt

4. After selecting the option Command Prompt, You will be directed to login page. There you have to provide your PC administrator password (or) Your computer password.

5. The Command prompt windows will open, You have to Enter the commands which are given below. The command should be in series and do not change the order. Otherwise, all the hard work you have done till now will be wasted at once.

 1st Command: – cd %windir%\system32\config

2nd Command: – ren system system.001

3rd Command: – ren software software.001

Commands of there was a problem refreshing your PC

6. After typing all the commands one by one. The windows recovery Screen will appear when you hit continue. Then, Reboot your Computer, and You will never face this problem again.

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Conclusion: –

I hope you enjoyed reading this Guide. Help your friends or relatives if they are dealing with this issue. Share it on facebook as well as Twitter and do comment and share your thoughts as well as your Problems. I’ll be sharing more and more tech tips and tricks for Android, Windows and Other Operating systems.

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