Top 5 Mods To Increase Android Performance

You will be pretty much impressed with this these top five apps. These Android Apps will help you to Increase Android performance and makes your Android device looks different from others. Every Android user wants to make their device looks better than others. So, Here are the adequate Android Applications to Make Your Android device faster and works smarter.

We are downloading almost all the rated social networking apps and games from the Play Store. Downloading these Modded Applications will not be a big deal. So, To boost your device Performance. Make sure that you have analyzed any one of the Mod on your Smartphone. Learn How To Make Chrome Faster In 2017?

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Note: –  All the applications given below are tested completely, and no malicious Android App will be provided here. All these tools will be used to Increase Performance level of your Android device.

Let’s Get Started…!!

Top 5 Mod Apps To Increase Android Performance: –

These apps will help you to modify your Android device as you prefer as well as helps in boosting up Android Performance level. So, I recommend you to try all these Mod Apk’s without fail. Not only Modification. Even you can use your device at different styles.

#1. All In One Gestures: –

Increase Android Performance

What do you think about Gesture? Anything you got in your mind. No!!, Let me explain it clearly. A gesture is nothing but, a shortcut key for doing any operation at an instant time on your device. All In one Gesture helps you to do all the operations like You can make your Volume key as the Power button and Power button as a Volume Key. You can also lock your phone by tapping status bar twice, and many more actions are performed using this excellent Android Application.

#2. Fingerprint Quick Actions: –

Boost Your Android performance with fingerprint quick actions

We all use our Fingerprint Sensor to lock and unlock our device, and it is mainly for security reasons. But, Using this FingerPrint Quick Actions App. You can take Screenshots or can split screen, or you can show Power Menu by holding the Fingerprint sensor or tilting the finger. By just changing the options as you required on the Options Menu. So, This will be more helpful if you’re a pro user.

#3. Multi-Action Home Button: –

Andrpod mods to look your android device different

It is very simple and realistic app which will work as a secondary Home button on your Android device. This app also supports actions by holding it, double-click on it and single tap actions. This app lets you perform various actions with Home button. For example – Single Tap will open Google Now, and Double Tap will Open Camera

Most of the Android users will suffer from Primary Home Button. It will work sometimes and it may not. So, To get rid of this issue. Installing the Multi-Action Home Button will be more useful, and it is rated 4.5+ In the Google Play Store. You can also customize your Secondary Home button by changing its length, breadth, height, and Colour. It is the worthy app and more responsive

#4. Google Voice Access

How to control android device by phone

This App is still in Beta Version and not released on Google Play Store. Due to some technical bugs. After using this Google Voice Access  App, I have satisfied much with the User Interface and Experience. After enabling it on your Android device. The App will start working. Voice Access will provide random numbers for each and every app. The Number targeted app will be opened with voice recognition. This app will be more helpful if you have broken Touch Android Phone.

Increase android performance

#5 Fullscreen Free:

Read articles without disturbance

Fullscreen Free is the standard App with a lot of attitudes which is specially developed for reading lovers. Once you enable the FullScreen Free mode. The App locks each function key until you disable it on your Own. Home key doesn’t work So; It will be more convenient to read. You can enable and disable quickly by dragging the notification bar. This App will be more useful when you want to read a newspaper or any article.

Conclusion: –

Using these Android Apps will Make your device to Increase Android performance. So, Share as much as you can with your friends and relatives. Bookmark this site for more tech updates at your door step daily.

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  1. Yea, you’ve been missing if you’ve not been using these mods. Though I’ve been using some not all like the one about fingerprint because my device does not have a fingerprint scanner.


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