Top 10 Best Root Apps For Android

Best Root Apps For Android: 

Many people are benefitting from the use of the smartphone today. If a person does not have a smartphone, he or she may feel that they belong to the Stone Age. That is because the people using the smartphone can do their work in less time. All the worlds’ information is in their hands now. That much dependent they have become on their phones. There are many facilities in the mobiles particularly the android mobiles such as the apps which functions perfectly for performing excellent work. You can even root your phone to get access to the umpteen numbers of extra facilities.

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However, you may become confused about what root apps to use because there are trillions of such apps in the Google play store. Do not worry here is the list of the apps for your use. The apps are safe and reliable and will make your phone even smarter.

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#1. Greenify

Greenify is the first app in our list because this root app is well known for its effective and efficient features. This app increases the life of the battery on your phone. The app has the capability to put the unused and unfrequented apps in hibernation. You can hibernate the apps which you want to hibernate even the solid apps so that you can use the apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook to run as always. The background apps can reduce the battery level therefore if you hibernate the background apps the other apps will be able to function properly.

#2. Titanium backup

This app will come in handy when you do a lot of flashing in your smartphone. You can back up your ROM and data through this app. It will provide the users with a lot of options to back up the particular app they choose. You can even time your backups and freeze some of the apps when they are not in use. You can convert the apps into the user apps. This is a great app to use, and many root app users suggest it to others.

#3. ROM manager

If you want to use the new versions of the Android apps and flash new ROMs, you can use this app. The Rom manager will provide you with a lot of free ROMs. You can download all that through this app and can get many other benefits too.

#4. Trickster Mod

Nothing can beat the support and interface of the Trickster Mod app. You can overclock your phone and make the battery increase through this process. This app will fetch you many advantages if you use it in your android phone.

#5, RAM Booster

Most of the times while playing games we may have experienced the pace of our phone slowing down. Your phone may even restart when it is heavily used. You can put an end to these inconveniences with the help of RAM Booster. The app goes deep inside your phone and cleans out the data that is taking so much storage. Your phone can become sharper and quicker if you use it.

#6. Root firewall pro

Have you ever faced the problem of being low of your data bandwidth? Then this is the perfect solution available for you.  This app will help you disable the internet for apps which you are not using. It will also enable the internet for selective apps which you are using. This app also provides you with various options to choose the quality of the connectivity. You can choose 2g, 3g or 4g connections while using the internet.  There are lots of interesting features which comes handy when using this app you can block the unnecessary ads when using any site. I have also shared about some of the Best Android Screen Recorder Apps for Android

#7. GL to SD

Have you had ever faced the frustrating situation when your memory space gets low? Today there are tons of interesting games available in the app stores this may stir you to download more games. After a point your memory space gets low you cannot download all your favorite apps and games.  Do you have insufficient mobile space? Then the GL to SD is the perfect app for you.  You can now download all your huge games without any disturbance as the GL to SD app transfers the huge game file to your SD card.

#8. SoftkeyZ

Mobile is very interesting to use when it is rooted. A root app can perform several tasks, and the user can do lots of customizations with it. Are you exhausted to look at your navigation buttons and phone interface?  With the SoftkeyZ get your personalized navigation buttons to make your device even more impressive and interesting.  There are tons of styles and designs of buttons available.  The app provides you with more than one fifty personalized themes for your buttons.  If you want to transform from a regular Smartphone user to super device user, then use this app. I have previously shared about Best Photo Scanner Apps For Android

#9. Diskdigger pro

Many at times we make memories when carefully saving all our pictures and videos in the Android phone. Many users by mistake delete these important data. Is it impossible to retrieve your deleted data? No, it is easy. The disk digger is an app which can help you to retrieve all your formatted data. It is the best app available for your rooted android device.  The files which are formatted can be found in the search results. Within a few seconds, you can locate the data which you have lost.

#10. Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer is the brilliant root app available out there.  You can copy and paste all the files in a separate location with this solid explorer app. This app is well structured and brilliantly developed which gives convenience for the users to use it. This app is handy for android users to save their files in separate folders.

Final verdict:

These are the Best Root apps available for your Android device. You can do tons of customizations and modifications to your Smartphone with the help of these apps. These apps are truly beneficial for every android user. I hope you liked this list, If you did, Don’t forget to share it with your friends and let me know which app you have installed on your phone in the comment section.

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