How to Fix “Unable to resolve dependency for ‘app@debugcompileClasspath’ Could not resolve android studio” Error?

Quick Guide to fix  “Unable to resolve dependency for ‘app@debugcompileClasspath’ Could not resolve android studio: –

Hey guys, Are you facing the following error on your Android studio? Then, Here I have the quick and easy fix for you to resolve the error by making few changes on your Android Studio Settings. So, Are you ready to take this challenge? Yes? Then, Let’s dive into the guide.

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I know most of you guys were eagerly waiting for the output of your project and suddenly you end up with this error. Right? No worries, I faced the same error while executing my First project “Hello World” on my Android Studio Application. When I hit on “build” option, I met the same error and solved the issue with few changes. Thus, I am here to help you.

Seriously, I don’t know why this error popped up in the log screen, but Finally, I got the solution. Before proceeding you need some requirements.

Pre-requisites to solve the error:

  • You should have a proper internet connection.
  • The newer version of Android Studio.

How to solve “Unable to resolve dependency for ‘app@debugcompileClasspath’ Could not resolve android studio” Error : –

1. Open Android Studio application on your Computer

2. Then, Go to File Menu and tap on Settings

unable to resolve dependency for 'app@debugcompileClasspath

3. Now, Select Build, Execution, Deployment option and tap on Gradle as shown in the image below.

unable to resolve dependency for 'app@debugcompileClasspath

4. Now, Make sure the option “Offline Work” is unchecked. And Click on Apply to make changes.

Unable to resolve dependency for 'app@debugcompileClasspath'

5. You have to go to your Project >> Select Build option >> Then, Select Rebuild Project. It takes some time, wait for few minutes and close the Android studio app.

6. Again, Open it and Run the Project. Enjoy!

I made these changes on my Android studio App and solved the issue.

Final Verdict: –

I Hope this article helped you to solve “unable to resolve dependency for ‘app@debugcompileClasspath” error on your Android studio application. If this helped you, Do share this article with your friends and relatives. Also, Please do let me know if you have any queries/errors in the comment section below. I will be there to help you always.

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