Download SuperSu Zip Latest Version – Root Your Phone Using TWRP Recovery

Download SuperSU zip:

So, Are you looking for the Latest version of SuperSu Zip? Then, You’re in the right place. Here I have given the step-by-step guide to installing SuperSu Root file using TWRP Recovery method. Also, I have discussed the Features of SuperSu and Uninstallation method.

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Note: I recommend you not to skip any of these steps which are discussed below. Also, Do this at your own risk. I won’t be responsible for the cause which has happened due to your carelessness. The guide which has discussed below was purely tested.

So, before getting started, If you don’t know what Rooting Actually is? Then, take a look at below section. If you’re well known about Rooting and its uses, then skip this section and proceed further.

What is Rooting?

Android devices and its users are very familiar with the word rooting these days. Earlier, there was a time where the Android platform was very rigid. The users may have to follow all the restrictions put by the android system. It did not give the users the liberation to access certain elements of their Android devices. There was no potential for Android devices until the revolutionary root apps were developed.

The rooting process has created a new era where the Android platform is very flexible than any other. The users can enjoy utmost freedom by customizing everything and anything they want by rooting their device. If you are searching for rooting your device, then the right place is the SuperSU.

Some users have a misconception that rooting and hacking are both same however both are two very different topics.  The term rooting can be defined as jailbreaking. Apart from the manufacturers’ limitations, you can make your device even more efficient by rooting it.  It is possible to perform greater and impossible tasks when your device is rooted.

How does the SuperSU work?

SuperSU is a brilliant access management tool.  This app requires root permission before downloading it. The SuperSU application permits the user to get access rights of all the enhanced management.

The prime reason for the developing the SuperSU app is to manage and correct the problems in the various other superuser management tool.  This app has been used by millions of users around the world. This app is compatible with most of the Android device versions.

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There are new updates available in this app which offers even more convenience when using it.  The newer version of SuperSU comes with new updated features such as you can fix the bugs, and the feedback part can be disabled.

This tool is very popular for the security it offers. It is also an ads-free platform. The SuperSU tool does not collect any sensitive data of the users. Some information is sent to the servers when it comes to other apps, but the SuperSU avoids sharing personal data of users.

The SuperSU app helps you to get track of all the apps on your device which has been granted root permission if you are not that much familiar with what and how to root, it is very simple to understand it with the SuperSU app.

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Download SuperSu Flashable Zip:

Old versions: –

SuperSu v2.82 SR5 BetaDownload Here
SuperSu v2.79Download Here
SuperSu v2.78Download Here
SuperSu v2.82 SR1 (Beta)Download Here
SuperSu v2.82 SR2 (Beta)Download Here
SuperSu v2.82 SR3 (Beta)Download Here

Pre-requisites before Rooting your Android device with SuperSu Zip using TWRP Custom Recovery: –

  • You should have atleast 70% of battery storage to get rid of accidental shutdown of your Android phone.
  • Take a complete backup of your important files and images in an external SD card or else in cloud storage apps
  • Your device should have installed TWRP custom Recovery before proceeding into the installation step. Check out our guides on TWRP Recovery Installation

Guide to Root and Install SuperSU Zip Using TWRP Recovery:

You must have a TWRP recovery installed on your phone. There are many guides already on how to install TWRP recovery on your Android phone.

  1. First of all, Make sure that you have downloaded the SuperSu Zip file from the above-given link.
  2. Now change the location of the SuperSU zip file by moving it to the root of the internal memory of the phone.
  3. You have to switch off your phone for a few minutes.
  4. Once you have switched it off boot the TWRP recovery mode by clicking the volume down + power button at the same time while the other process is running, in some of the phones, you have to press VOLUME UP + POWER for this function.
  5. Once your phone has booted through the TWRP recovery, you have to take up the complete backup of the current ROM now. To take up the backup, you can click the BACKUP button. Select the different options like data, boot, and system. Now move up to take the backup of the different options partition.                                                       supersu zip installation using twrp recovery
  6. Once you’re done backing up everything, then, Click on the install button and select your SuperSu downloaded Flashable Zip file from your Internal memory.
  7. Now you got to Swipe to confirm the flash.
  8. Now the process of rooting is over. You have successfully done it by these easy steps. Now click to Reboot the system. Now the root will be working if the installation has been performed properly.

To verify about the status visit the Google play store and download the root checker app to see the status. If the access is available, then you can enjoy the benefits of root on your phone.

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Download SuperSu APK File: –

Free version: –

Developer: Codingcode
Price: Free

Features of SuperSU: –

Here are some of the features that the SuperSu can lend to its users.

  • The superuser has got access over prompt, access logging and also notifications.
  • Per app configuration of the notification.
  • Temporary facilities of Unrooting
  • Permanent facilities of unrooting
  • Process detection that happens in-depth.
  • Works during the recovery.
  • It functions even though the android is not properly booted.
  • SuperSu runs and works in the ghost mode.
  • It works and wakes on prompt.
  • Can be converted as a system app.
  • There is a backup script to overcome the CyanogenMod nightlies
  • There are icons which are selectable from five options.
  • Themes can be chosen from four options.

When you use the app on the phone you can find out the many benefits it will offer for you. This app has also got a pro version. Let’s see some of the details about it.

Paid Version: –

SuperSU Pro
SuperSU Pro
Developer: Codingcode
Price: 3,75 €

Some Terrific Features of SuperSU Pro version: –

There is a pro version of the SuperSU that provides the features such as-

  • OTA mode for survival. However, there are no guarantees to it.
  • There is a full color-coded command for logging the content if there is any input or output error.
  • The logging configuration of per app.
  • The PIN protection
  • The root can be granted or denied as per the specified amount of time period.

SuperSu APK Old versions: –

Older versions: -

How to uninstall SuperSU: –

Uninstalling the SuperSU is effortless. Let’s see the process.

  1. The first step is to open the SuperSU app.
  2. Now open the settings option.
  3. You may have to scroll to the bottom to select the clean-up option.
  4. The device may have to be unrooted first to uninstall the application.
  5. You will now see a prompt which will pop up on your screen.
  6. Now just click on the continue button to proceed.
  7. Reboot your device. All the changes done by the app will be eliminated. With this process, the app will be successfully uninstalled from your device.

These are some of the fantastic features of the app supers. Use this app for the ace rooting functions on your phone.

Final Verdict: –

This was our guide on Rooting your Android device with SuperSu Zip using TWRP Custom Recovery. However, You can also try Magisk manager to install Root Access in your phone. If you have any queries regarding installation, Please feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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