How to Trace Exact Location Using IP Address on Android

Guide to Trace Exact Location Using IP Address on Android: –

So, Do you want to trace anyone’s unknown location using the IP Address in your Android device? Then, you have reached the right destination. Today, We are going to discuss a topic on tracing an exact location using the IP address with the help of two tools – Termux and IP tracer (A tool developed by Rajkumardusad)

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So, let’s gain some basic knowledge.

What is an IP address?

An IP or Internet Protocol address is the unique numerical values assigned to the hardware/device to identify it on the internet accurately. Each device contains the individual IP address where it holds some information about the device.

Download Termux App: –

Developer: Fredrik Fornwall
Price: Free

How to Trace Exact Location Using IP Address on Android: –

Follow the below instructions to install and run the IP-tracer tool on the Android Termux.

1. Download and open the Termux Android app.

2. Run these following commands in the Termux.

3. apt update – It updates the existing packages in the system.

4. apt install git -y – It helps to install the Git package and allows us to clone any project from the Github repository.

5. git clone – This command clones the package from the Github repository to the Termux Android app.

6. cd IP-Tracer – It lets you change the directory into the IP-tracer folder.

7. chmod +x install – This command provides executable permission for the installation.

8. sh install – Installs the required packages to run the application in the background.

IP-tracer overview

How to Run the IP-Tracer Tool?

  1. trace -m – It traces your own IP address.
  2. trace -t target-ip – It traces the victim’s/target IP address. (Replace target-IP with the IP address you want to trace). Example: trace -t 192.168.01
  3. trace – Traces the information of the IP address.

IP-tracer tool with information

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Wrapping Up:

It’s a great tool as it provides the latitude and longitude values of the victim’s IP address. You can copy those values and search it in Google maps to get the location details.

I hope this article helped you to trace the exact location using the IP Address from Android’s Termux. If you have any queries, drop your question in the comment section. Also, share this article with your friends and relatives on social media. Keep visiting for more tech updates.

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